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Position Members Email
GSU Rep Lily Thao Nguyen
Brittany Hesmer
Heba Qazilbash
School Council Executive Committee Danyal Damroodi
School Council Education Committee Megan Lowe
School Council General Vibhuti Kacholia
Social Committee Maxwell Jones
Katie Fajber
Jenna Alessandrini
Janine Xu
Gabriella Christopher
Communications Committee Tiffany Lieu
Tionné Polin
  Theresa Shuma
  Nicholas Chu
  Iflah Shahid
Advocacy Committee

Melissa Cavallo
Jonathan Lin
Fatema Motiwala
Thea Miles
Bethany Rankin
Nina Leone Trask
  Rachel Ma
IHPME Representative Dora Parkinson
MPH Nutrition and Dietetics  Nicole Weber
MPH Epidemiology  Sabrina Chiodo
MPH Social and Behavioural Sciences (Health Promotion)  Divya Kuruvila
Brittany Hesmer
MPH Indigenous Health  Lydia Clarke Rehman
MSc Biostatistics Jiayin (Jane) Chen
  Ziming (Jocelyn) chen
MHSc Bioethics Zahra Hasan
PhD Social and Behavioural Health Sciences

Michelle Tam
  Zafiro Andrade Romo
  David Cecil Hill
PhD Biostatistics Sanjot Grewal
  Eric Sanders
PhD Epidemiology Oliver Gatalo