JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award

February 6/2013

JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award – Call for Nomination


Deadline:  Monday, March, 4, 2013.


Purpose:   The School of Graduate Studies will award its first JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award which recognizes outstanding performance in the multiple roles associated with doctoral (PhD) supervision.


Criteria:  It will be awarded annually to an active faculty member who, over a minimum of a fifteen year period, has demonstrated excellence in doctoral supervision at the University of Toronto as indicated by:

· inspiring and guiding students to reach excellence in scholarship;

· providing an environment that is supportive and stimulating;

· enabling students to learn the essential methodologies, concepts and cultures of their discipline;

· introducing students to the wider content of the discipline and relevant communities of scholars;

· positioning students for future careers both within and outside academe;

· fostering a strong sense of academic integrity.


In addition to the SGS Nomination Form, the required documents should also provide evidence that the nominee has met the above six criteria through:

·         a letter from the graduate department chair or a current or former colleague,

·         one letter from a former or current supervisee (this letter may also be a group nomination)

·         a CV indicating all co-publications/presentations with current and former doctoral students, if applicable


Further information:  Please contact debbie.chau@utoronto.ca.