A Global Perspective on the Health of Women and Children

Course Number
5100 (Social and Behavioural Health Science)
Course Instructor(s)
Branka Agic, Catherine G. Chalin

Course Description

  • This course will examine global health issues of women and children, with a particular emphasis on health issues of women and children in poor regions of the world. Health will be viewed as a global resource where the impact of global health experiences, government policies and health practices not only have a domestic (i.e., Canadian) impact, but contribute to the global burden of disease that eventually affects everyone in the world. International maternal mortality and morbidity, childbirth practices, differences in the care of mothers and children, experiences related to child development and the social, political and physical world in which children mature, especially girl children, will be explored.
  • The first section of the course will focus on women’s health related to pregnancy and childbirth. The second section will focus on child health and development. The third section of the course, consisting of student presentations, will provide additional insight into the health of women and children.
  • Course format will be discussion of readings, guest speakers, audiovisual presentations, case studies and group work around substantive themes.  The three instructors have extensive international experience and many of the students will bring their own rich experience to the discussions.

Course Objectives

  • Learning objectives of this course are to:
    1. broaden and deepen understanding of the major international determinants of mother and child health;
    2. relate the determinants of health to selected mother and child health issues;
    3. provide students with an opportunity to examine in detail indigenous (local) and external efforts to alleviate conditions of poor and/or deteriorating global maternal and child health.
  • Please Note: A small number of suggested readings will be provided. Students are expected to find other articles, news stories and references and provide them to the class.
  • The suggested readings are available from the instructors.

General Requirements

  • None – this course will appeal to students considering a career in international health.