Foundations of Practice I​

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Pierrette Buklis

Course Description

  • Examines the variety of community nutrition services;
  • On-site observation of and selected participation in the agencies.

Course Objectives

  • To establish a conceptual framework for community nutrition practice;
  • To examine community nutrition programs, services, and activities in the public, voluntary, and private sectors;
  • To analyze the roles and functions of community nutritionists;
  • To examine the policies, legislation, resources and issues that influence and support practice;
  • To promote the development of knowledge and skills needed for the practice of community nutrition; and
  • To promote the ability of each student to articulate and learn from experiences in the field and in the classroom.

General Requirements

  • Permission of Department. Enrolment restricted.