Global Health

Division Head: 

Our vision is to contribute to improving global health outcomes and academic excellence locally and globally by critical education, research and service. 

Global Health at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences is interdisciplinary and integrative. Global health focuses on the inter-relationships among local, regional, national and international factors influencing health, as well as the effective program and policy interventions that will address these factors. Our strong equity orientation means that emphasis is given to low-income countries, their relationships to high-income countries and marginalized populations in all countries. We are committed to training a new generation of educators, researchers and advocates for global health. 


  • DLSPH GH Division faculty and staff will support, explore and question complex global systems and structures using
    collaborative interdisciplinary methods to promote equity, innovation, positive health outcomes and academic excellence.
  • Foster global citizenship via education, research, advocacy and community outreach
  • Advance cutting edge GH research in collaboration and partnership with others locally and globally;
  • Grow resources for innovative educational and knowledge transfer initiatives aligned with the University of Toronto global health community and Institute of Global Health Equity and Innovation

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