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Conrad Kabali B.Sc. (Mathematics and Statistics), M.Sc. (Applied Statistics), M.Sc. (Biostatistics), PhD (Epidemiology)

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Epidemiology Division
Adjunct Lecturer
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Associate (Restricted) Member

Research Interests

-Methods for drawing causal inference from secondary data sources                                                  -Statistical methods in epidemiology                                                                                                          -Infectious disease epidemiology

Other Affiliations

Health Quality Ontario

Representative Publications

Kabali C, Ghazipura M. Transportability in network meta-analysis. Epidemiology. 2016;27(4):556-561.
Kabali C, von Reyn CF, Brooks DR, Waddell R, Mtei L, Bakari M, Matee M, Pallangyo K, Arbeit RD, Horsburgh CR. Completion of isoniazid preventive therapy and survival in HIV-infected, TST positive adults in Tanzania. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2011; 15(11): 1515-1521.
Mathei C, Shkedy Z, Denis B, Kabali C, Aerts M, Molenberghs G, Van Damme P, Buntinx F. Evidence for a substantial role of sharing of injecting paraphernalia other than syringes/needles to the spread of hepatitis C among injecting drug users. J Viral Hepatitis, 2006; 13:560-70.

Michael E, Malecela-Lazaro MN, Kabali C, Snow LC, Kazura JW. Mathematical models and lymphatic filariasis control: endpoints and optimal interventions. Trends Parasitol. 2006 May;22(5):226-33.
Ramachandran A, Riddle MC, Kabali C, Gerstein HC.   Relationship between A1C and fasting plasma glucose in dysglycemia or type 2 diabetes:  an analysis of baseline data from the ORIGIN trial. Diabetes Care. 2012;  Diabetes Care. 2012 Apr;35(4):749-53.