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Clinical Public Health Division
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Morty Eisenberg

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Wounds are common in chronic illnesses such as diabetes and are major factors affecting the increasing need for home care and inappropriate long term use of acute care beds around the world. New knowledge is rapidly transforming the management of this costly and growing health problem. Clinicians from a variety of professional disciplines need the skills to convey new approaches effectively to their colleagues and students.

Admission Requirements

We advise all prospective students to review the general admission requirements prior to submitting an application.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (3.5 FCE)

Courses/Practicum FCE
CHL5004H: Introduction to Public Health Sciences 0.5
CHL5300H: Public Health Policy 0.5
CHL5630Y: Wound Prevention & Care 1.0
CHL5607H: Teaching & Learning in the Health Professions (A): Principles and Theories 0.5
CHL5608H: Teaching & Learning in the Health Professions (B): Practical Issues and Approaches 0.5
CHL5690H: Required Practicum MScCH 0.5

Elective Courses (1.5 FCE)

CHL5691H: Optional Practicum MScCH 0.5
Elective Courses 1.0-1.5

Students are encouraged to take elective courses that will enhance their learning experience and/or provide focused study on a particular topic. Please check the DLSPH timetable for a list of courses available each academic year.

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a course, please speak with the Program Director for Wound Prevention and Care.

Other Educational Opportunities

Global Health Emphasis
Collaborative Programs

If you have any questions or would like further information about this program, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Gary Sibbald, at