Course Requirements: 5.0 FCE

Required Courses: (4.0 FCE)
CHL5004H: Introduction to Public Health Science 0.5
CHL5207Y: Laboratory in Statistical Design and Analysis 1.0
CHL5209H: Survival Analysis I 0.5
CHL5210H: Categorical Data Analysis 0.5
CHL5250H: Biostatistics Seminars 0.5
Plus one of the following:
CHL5226H: Mathematical Foundations of Biostatistics 0.5
STA2112H: Mathematical Statistics I 0.5
Plus one of the following:
CHL5223H: Applied Bayesian Methods 0.5
STA2212H: Mathematical Statistics II 0.5
Electives: at least 2 of the following (1.0 FCE)
CHL5222H: Analysis of Correlated Data 0.5
CHL5224H: Statistical Genetics 0.5
CHL5225H: Advanced Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials 0.5
CHL5227H: Introduction to Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials 0.5
CHL7001H: Statistical Methods for Genetics and Genomics 0.5
CHL7001H: Statistical Analysis of Health Economic Data 0.5
CHL7001H: Temporal Analysis of Health Policy Intervention 0.5
CHL7001H: Statistical Methods in Data Mining 0.5
CHL7001H: Statistical Analysis of Health Data from Complex Samples 0.5
CHL7001H: Statistical Models on Complex Human Genetic Diseases 0.5
CHL7001H: An Introduction to the Likelihood Paradigm 0.5
CHL7002H: Simulation Methods 0.5
STA2101H: Methods of Applied Statistics I 0.5

Not all courses are offered in every year.  See timetable for current offerings.

Note: Electives may be taken from other departments such as the Department of Statistical Sciences, Department of Computer Science or other University departments, with permission of the Division Head.