Featured Student

Marium Jamil

What’s your program and specialty/subject matter of focus?           
I am a Masters of Public Health Student, majoring in Health Promotion with a collaborative specialization in Global Health. I am entering my second year of studies.

Why did you choose to join the PHSA? And why are you suited for your position?
I joined the PHSA because I wanted to ensure student’s grad experience was a meaningful one. As Co-VP, I will make sure students’ voices are heard, whether that be at a personal level or institutional level via town halls. I also hope to implement various social events and professional development opportunities for students. One of my goals is to have resources available to support student’s mental health.

Tell us about a challenge that you’ve had to overcome during your time at the School! One of my biggest challenges has been networking and building my support system during my first year! I would advise to try to get to know your classmates and professors. They will be your greatest resource and support system. Also, try to get involved at UofT, whether it’s through attending events, joining a club or a sports team, it will make your grad school experience much more fulfilling.