Life is complicated and doesn’t always go as planned. If you are in distress, we can connect you to the help you need. Here are some resources for learners and students.

For Students

For 24/7/365 support: U of T My SSP (multiple languages): 1844-451-9700; or download the app:
Good 2 Talk: 1866-925-5454

More Tips

Tips from Toronto Public Health

  • Take deep breaths. Simple breathing exercises can help ease stress. Try breathing in deeply, counting to three, hold for a count of three, and then slowly breathe out, counting to three.
  • Have a routine. Structure your day and maintain positive habits.
  • Let in the sun. Open windows. Sunlight can improve your mood.
  • Exercise, dance and have fun. Blow off steam and boost endorphins.
  • Call or virtually connect with loved ones. Lean on each other for support.
  • Stay informed. Check credible sources of information for updates but take breaks when needed. Taking in the news all day can be draining. Unplug for a bit and recharge – listen to music, meditate, read or listen to a podcast instead.
  • Look for the positives. Share inspirational stories of people helping one another.
  • Engage your brain. Do a word search, Sudoku, jigsaw or crossword puzzle.
  • Help othersVolunteer to pick up groceries or walk the dog for a neighbour who is self-isolating. Helping someone else can make you feel good.
  • Seek help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out. Community help is available.

Health Services

U of T Health Services delivers the same services to students as that of a family doctor’s office. The service is confidential, is geared towards the student body and provides comprehensive medical care as well as specialized services such as travel medicine, immunization and referrals for specialized treatment.

U of T Health & Wellness Centre

Health Insurance

The Graduate Students Union (GSU) administers extensive and flexible Health and Dental plans to registered students and their dependents. Information about how to opt out of these plans is also available.

Graduate Students Union

Exercise Facilities

Excellent fitness facilities are available at the Varsity Centre, Goldring Centre, Athletic Centre and Hart House.

Family Care

The Family Care Office aims to support and help students who are currently balancing their academic career, as well as work, with the challenges of family responsibility. The Office’s mandate is to support students and their families with any family care issue by providing information, guidance, referrals and advocacy.

Family Care Office