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These resources are intended to provide support for students and faculty members in creating materials with a clear and accurate impression of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. The School’s brand reflects the Faculty’s Vision, Mission and Values, and sets the standard for communications inside and outside the Faculty, therefore it is crucial that all elements of visual expression are appropriately used.

Contact the Office of Communications regarding appropriate logo and wordmark usage.

Brand Guidelines

DLSPH Brand Standards Manual

Logos & Templates

Dalla Lana School of Public Health logos

Download blue on white crest (jpg)
Download knocked-out crest (jgp)

Download blue and white crest (png)
Download knocked-out crest (png)

Dalla Lana School of Public Health Wordmark

The wordmark has been developed using customized typography. If the wordmark is to be placed over a darker background, the white version should be used.

The wordmark must be used in combination with it’s appropriate U of T logo (DLSPH, IHPME, JCB, WBIIH, etc). It cannot be used on its own. Please contact DLSPH Communications for appropriate wordmark usage and approval.

Download colour wordmark (horizontal) png

Download black wordmark  (horizontal) png

Download white wordmark (horizontal) png

Download colour wordmark (vertical) png

Download black wordmark (vertical) png

Download white wordmark (vertical) png

PowerPoint Templates

Download PPT – DLSPH

Download PDF – DLSPH

Download PPT – IHPME

Download PPT – JCB

Download PPT – WBIIH

Event Poster Templates

Download Word – DLSPH

Download Word – IHPME

Download Word – JCB

Download Word – WBIIH

Research Poster Templates

DLSPH Download (PPT)

DLSPH Download – wide (PPT)

IHPME Download (PPT)

U of T Visual Identity

Strategic Communications & Marketing – U of T Visual Identity

Ordering Business Cards

DLSPH offers business cards for faculty/staff and PhD candidates only.

Please submit your request for business cards by filling out the following form. Please note that orders are for 250 or 500 cards only and they must be picked up at DLSPH.

PhD Candidates and some faculty members are responsible for covering the cost of the business cards. To make a payment, please have a cheque, made payable to the “University of Toronto” at the time of pick-up.

  1. order of 250 cards (min. 2 orders) costs $134.33
  2. order of 500 cards (min. 2 orders) costs $199.89

For Faculty and Staff

  1. All Staff, Core Faculty and Emeritus, please contact Pierre Lee to order business cards
  2. Adjunct and Status Only Faculty, please contact the Office of Faculty Appointments to order business cards.

For Students

  1. Business cards are available to PhD candidates who have successfully achieved candidacy.
  2. Please contact the Graduate Office for more information.


Contact the divisional administrative contact to inquire about appropriate use of DLSPH letterhead for a letter of reference or other purposes.