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Biological Hazards in the Workplace and Community

Course Number
5900 (Occupational & Environmental Health)
Course Instructor(s)
James A Scott

Course Description

  • This course introduces students to a wide range of biological hazards that may be encountered in community and work environments, including commercial, non-industrial, industrial and health care settings.
  • Emphasis will be given to the tools and practices used by occupational hygienists in the recognition, evaluation and control of microbiological hazards in occupational environments.
  • The course will consist of weekly lectures (some live and some pre-recorded) together with readings assigned from a range of sources. Classes will meet in-person weekly for lectures, discussion, laboratory demonstrations, and field sampling. Midterm and final examinations will be a combination of multiple choice, short answer and essay style questions. Weekly quizzes on readings and pre-recorded lecture materials will also be given. For more course information and materials.

Course Objectives

This course will familiarize students with occupational hygiene practice relating to:

  • Investigation, sampling, interpretation and remediation of indoor microbial contamination;
  • Infection control and prevention in health care workplaces;
  • Biosafety in research and industry;
  • Environmental microbiological hazards, emphasizing soil-borne, airborne, vector-borne and zoonotic agents; and
  • Hazards from bioterrorism and biological weapons.

General Requirements

  • This course is required for MPH students enrolled in the Occupational Hygiene Emphasis. A limited number spaces may be available to other students interested in the area of biological hazards of workplace and community environments.