Community Nutrition

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Pierrette Buklis

Course Description

  • Role, function, and principles necessary for the professional effectiveness of a community nutritionist; principles of program planning and educational theory.

Course Objectives

  • to demonstrate skills at self and group assessment of learning needs
  • to articulate an initial philosophy of learning/education, education
  • to explain the principles of health promotion and their implications for nutrition practice and program planning
  • to demonstrate verbal and written communication skills
  • to recognize general principles of the procedures for program planning, including assessment of needs, definition of objectives, identification of alternative solutions, and program design, implementation and evaluation
  • to demonstrate skills at monitoring their own progress and performance in learning, using critical reflection, peer, and resource person evaluation

Methods of Assessment

Oral presentations of article reviews 10%
Workshop 30%
Communication tools x 2 20%
Program proposal 40%

General Requirements

  • None