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Doctoral Seminar Series in Epidemiology

Course Number
5400 (Epidemiology)
Course Instructor(s)
Steven Narod

Course Description

  • Student presentations and critiques: Student presentation sessions are structured similar to presentations at a research conference. All faculty and students who attend provide a brief written critique of each presentation, which are passed on to the presenters.
  • Substantive presentations by faculty members: In these sessions faculty members and others describe current research, identify methodological challenges involved in their work, and highlight important new methods or data analytic approaches.
  • Professional development: Professional development sessions are focused on professional experience or skills that are typically not provided in coursework, such as teaching skill development and knowledge translation.
  • The class will meet every two weeks, for one hour, in seminar format.
  • Students are enrolled in this course during their first two years of study in the PhD program and are expected to attend (minimum 80% attendance is required) and be active participants.  Each student will present work in progress once or twice a year.
  • Credit/No Credit course (0.5 FCE)
  • The seminar schedule is available here.

Course Objectives

The goals of the course are:

  • To develop specific skills needed in scientific careers, including presenting and commenting on research;
  • To provide students with exposure to faculty and other researchers addressing a wide range of epidemiological questions;
  • To provide students with professional development.