Foundations of Practice I​II

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Eric Ng

Course Description

This is the third course in the course series of CHL 5650H, CHL 5651Y, and CHL5652H, Foundations of Practice I, II, and III.  The objective of these courses is to provide the student with an understanding of the variety of community programs and services in the area of nutrition and of approaches to the assessment of need and the planning and evaluation of such programs and services.

This course enhances knowledge of and skills development in the area of food systems with an emphasis on development and management of programs in the community in the public health context.  The course also enables students to demonstrate dietetic entry-level competencies in food systems management.

Course Objectives

Learning activities in this course will enable students to:

  • Create a schematic map or representation of a local food system;
  • Identify and describe the production, distribution, transformation and selection, and consumption components of food systems;
  • Identify issues and challenges involved in providing safe, healthy and sustainable food to groups, communities and populations;
  • Conduct a situational analysis of a community food program and develop recommendations for improvement with stakeholders;
  • Identify human resources issues involved in supporting food systems and food service roles;
  • Describe financial issues involved in managing food programs and services.

Methods of Assessment

Food System Conception: Part 1 – 15%; Part 2 – 25%
Group Project: Written Report – 40%; Presentation – 20%