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Introduction to Qualitative Research

Course Number
CHL5107H (formerly CHL5811H)
5100 (Social and Behavioural Health Science)
Course Instructor(s)
Clara Juando-​Prats

Course Description

This is an introductory course intended for Master’s students in public health with limited prior exposure to qualitative research. Students will acquire an introductory-level understanding of qualitative research; it will provide students with an understanding of the foundations, approaches, and methods associated with qualitative inquiry, become informed consumers of qualitative research, and begin to plan and implement qualitative approaches to public health inquiry. Students pursuing qualitative research for Master’s or Doctoral thesis work will need to take additional courses to acquire the required proficiency for that level of work.

This course covers a range of issues including the theoretical grounding of qualitative research, selected approaches, methods of data collection and analysis, and the application of qualitative research to the exploration of public health issues. The assigned readings, videos or other visuals, for each session include both theoretical and applied material. Assignments give students an opportunity to begin to develop new skills and learn by doing, as well as by reflecting on aspects of qualitative research.

Course Objectives

Through course readings, learning activities, videos, assignments and other related work students will be able to:

  1. Discuss the diversity, breadth, nature, complexity, and application of qualitative research;
  2. Collect/generate and analyze data in qualitative inquiry;
  3. Interpret and describe qualitative research findings;
  4. Develop research proposals for qualitative research, with an emphasis on contemporary CIHR Project Grant practices;
  5. Discuss research ethics and examine areas of sensitivity with regards to qualitative research methods;
  6. Identify potential strengths and limitations of qualitative research within students’ own areas of research and public health practice;
  7. Apply constructive and critical reflexivity through discussion and written/visual work.

Methods of Assessment

Reflexive Paper and Research Question Development 20%
Interview Guide Development 35%
Research Proposal 45%

General Requirements

For all Centre For Critical Qualitative Health Research (CQ) course descriptions, visit the following link