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Laboratory in Statistical Design and Analysis

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Instructor(s)
Tony Panzarella

Course Description

This unique course involves a weekly 2-hour lecture and a practicum component of four hours per week. Lectures focus on design issues in term one and analysis issues in term two. The practicum involves delving into one or more projects under the direct supervision of a Division of Biostatistics faculty-appointed  biostatistician. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of data and interpretation of results. Student evaluation is based on end-of-term presentations, progress in the practicum component, and an end-of-year final report.

Course Objectives

The goal of the lecture series is to introduce the student to common statistical design and analysis techniques encountered by the practicing biostatistician. The objective of the practicum is to provide the student with hands-on experience with design and analysis issues encountered by applied statisticians in a real workforce setting. It also emphasizes the importance of good communication skills and other soft skills that are required by a biostatistician to be effective in today’s work environment.

General Requirements

  • Practicum requirement for the Biostatistics program. Students from other disciplines must have an advanced quantitative background.