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Occupational and Environmental Hygiene II

Course Number
5900 (Occupational & Environmental Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Paul Bozek

Course Description

  • Quantitative evaluation of the workplace environment for the presence of hazardous chemical agents, using active and passive sampling procedures and biological monitoring; analytical chemical techniques; application of modelling for exposure assessment; instrumentation for field measurements of airborne contaminants in the workplace.
  • Lab reports, modelling assignment, written sampling protocols, class group presentations, and a final exam required

Course Objectives

  • to have developed skills in the methods used quantitatively evaluate chemical agents present in the workplace environment
  • to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of principles of operation of typical analytical chemical techniques used in occupational hygiene
  • to develop a working knowledge of exposure modelling techniques and their application
  • to have developed a working knowledge of the application of direct reading instrumentation to field measurement of airborne contaminants
  • to know the principles of biological monitoring for exposure assessment
  • to be able communicate results of field assessments in a professional manner
  • Undertake air modelling to estimate occupational exposures

General Requirements

  • CHL 5910H

Pre/Co-Requisite Courses