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Quantitative Methods for Biomedical Research

Course Number
5400 (Epidemiology)
Course Instructor(s)
Susan J Bondy

Course Description

  • This is a core, required course for the PhD program in the Epidemiology stream. The course is designed to help students prepare for the written comprehensive exam in epidemiology and will help prepare students to carry out (and supervise) quantitative research studies of the student’s own design.
  • The course will meet (up to) twice per week in seminar format.  Regular small and large take-away assignments will be used for student evaluation and as the basis for class discussion.

Course Objectives

  • This course will provide students with an overview of the theory behind, and use of, data analysis techniques most commonly used in epidemiological study designs. The course will emphasize how quantitative researchers need to select the appropriate analysis options for task at hand as opposed to what has been done or recommended before. Students will be required to find and justify their own solutions to problems posed and become familiar with techniques for self-directed learning with respect to different analysis options and keeping abreast of advanced in the field. The learning objectives of this course fall into two areas of skills development: 1) Knowledge and skills of biostatical approaches applied to epidemiologic research; and,2) Professional skills as an independent investigator

General Requirements

  • This course is designed for first-year students in the PhD program in epidemiology. Enrolment is restricted. Other DLSPH PhD/DrPH students may be admitted only with the permission of the instructor.
  • PRE: Graduate level courses in epidemiologic study design (CHL 5402 or equivalent)
  • PRE: Graduate level introductory and intermediate biostatistics (CHL 5201 and 5202 or equivalents)
  • PRE or CO: Introduction to Public Health Sciences (CHL 5004).
  • CO: Research Methods in Epidemiology (CHL 5404).

Pre/Co-Requisite Courses