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Social, Political and Scientific Issues in Family Medicine

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Abbas Ghavam-​Rassoul, Lina Al-​Imari, Melissa Graham

Course Description

  • Analysis, synthesis and evaluation of material from relevant disciplines; case based analysis of common problems in family medicine; family medicine in different social, political contexts.
  • Lecture/Seminar – 3 hours every Wednesday morning for two terms (Requirement is for students to attend a total of 40 seminar topics). Each seminar will be led by one of the participants or an invited guest. Student will collaborate with the instructor in developing the specific course content and its implementation. Students will decide on topics for discussion and be responsible for inviting speakers or presenting topics themselves. Each participant may make several presentations throughout the course. Each participant must write a short report reflecting on his/her experience in the course and documenting all seminars attended.

Course Objectives

  • This series of seminars will consist of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of materials from a variety of relevant disciplines. Usually each week will consist of 2 seminars covering any one of a number of topics, i.e.: family medicine in different countries, social, philosophical, political, historical, economic and scientific issues pertaining to family medicine and primary care.

General Requirements

  • Registration in a Graduate Studies Program related to Health Sciences
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