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155 College Street, Room HS 790
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  • March 7, 2023 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

The Biostatistics Seminar Series presents:

“From Bench to Bedside: Biostatistics and A.I. in the Medical Imaging Industry” by Mo Abdolell, Dalhousie University, with Alex Morris

Biostatistics has traditionally played a prominent role in the pharma industry and has had a more narrow focus in the med tech industry. The rapid development of machine learning and A.I. to medical imaging applications over the past 10-15 years has created opportunities for biostatistics to play an increasingly more active role in the diagnostic imaging industry. From R&D, to product development and validation, and regulatory requirements, biostatistics can contribute to rigorous design, data analysis, and methodological frameworks predating the modern advent of A.I. that are equally pertinent to A.I.

This seminar will explore the path that academic research takes to make its way into a product and be adopted in the industry. The role of biostatistics in the diagnostic imaging industry will be examined. This will be contrasted against the role and historical context of biostatistics in the pharma industry. The regulatory requirements for medical devices, specifically medical AI software in diagnostic imaging, will be discussed along with the role that biostatistics plays in ensuring new technologies are both safe and effective. The objective of the regulatory review process will also be covered. Additionally, we will explore how biostatistical principles can help to develop A.I. in an ethical and responsible way, mitigating the risk of building biased models.

The story of how a diagnostic imaging startup in digital mammography was founded will be presented. We will explore how the startup relies heavily on well-grounded biostatistical and epidemiological frameworks, and how this can be an unfair competitive advantage.

And finally, we will explore how A.I. can have a real impact on the healthcare delivery in underserved populations, drawing on the experience in a RAD-AID International project in Georgetown General Hospital, Guyana.

– Mo Abdolell is Associate Professor at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Division of Medical Education/ Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University. He is also CEO/Founder of Densitas Inc., a company that delivers A.I. solutions for the digital mammography with technologies focused on breast density, clinical image quality, tailored breast cancer risk. For his biosketch, please see ; ;

– Alex Morris is a quality assurance and regulatory affairs professional, and serves as Director of Quality and Regulatory for VIDA Diagnostics Inc. as well as Director of Quality and Regulatory for Densitas, Inc. For his biosketch, please see

All are welcome!