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Bahen Building (40 St. George Street, Toronto, M5S 2E4), Room 1200
  • January 19, 2023 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

CARTE Industry Speaker Seminar Series welcomes Brandon Rufino, Ingrid Grozavu, Kartik Pant, Nitesh Soni, and Dimitrije Jankovic from Sanofi’s AI Center of Excellence for an in-person industry speaker seminar.

Topic: Building a Leading Digital Healthcare Platform with Data and AI

Abstract: AI has the power to transform the pharmaceutical industry from increasing research precision, to improving safety for patients, and advancing science. As a part of their mission to chase the miracles of science, Sanofi’s AI Center of Excellence opened in Toronto in 2022. Now a year old and a part of the global Digital Data team, the team is developing critical products in research, clinical development, manufacturing, supply chain and corporate that are being deployed across Sanofi’s 100+ markets. The team will share an overview of the critical business problems being solved, along with the AI and analytical techniques done to get there, as well as their Machine Learning Operations platform that helps the team achieve speed and scale with appropriate compute and controls. A deep dive will be done on techniques used for indication identification for clinical data, yield optimization in manufacturing sites and next best action engines.

Speaker Bios:

Brandon Rufino: Brandon is a computational science lead on the Integrative Clinical Data program that provides ML models to accelerate clinical trial design along several steps within the Development cycle. Brandon is a Biomedical Engineering by training, and has built several digital applications and machine learning models working with clinical and health care data throughout his academic and industry journey.

Ingrid Grozavu: Ingrid is a project manager on the computational science team that builds ML models to enhance drug development (R&D) activities at Sanofi. Ingrid is a biochemist by training, and recently completed her PhD at U of T in high throughput and AI-driven cancer drug discovery.

Kartik Pant: Kartik is Sanofi’s Head of Industrial Affairs Data and AI Solutions in the Global Digital Data team. He is responsible for driving value across Sanofi’s Manufacturing sites and Supply Chain through build and implementation of cutting-edge AI solutions and robust data foundations. Kartik has prior experience in delivering innovative Digital solutions to drive large-scale transformation and value generation in Operations across Healthcare, CPG, Automotive industries.

Nitesh Soni: Nitesh is a Data Science & AI commercial leader in the Global Digital Data Toronto hub. He brings several years of experience of building end-to-end AI solutions in multiple industries. Few examples of his current focused areas are to provide Best-in-class customer experience, recommending AI driven communications to HCPs, augment to data-driven marketing strategies and help in modernize corporate function areas. He leads a data science team distributed across North America and Europe.

Dimitrije Jankovic: Dimitrije is Sanofi’s Head of Data and AI Strategy, responsible for innovation, ecosystems, strategy, transformation and the portfolio management office within Sanofi’s Global Digital Data team. Dimitrije is an engineer by training, with experience in leading large scale transformations in data and AI across various industries including healthcare, transportation, telecommunications and public sector.