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Zoom Webinar
  • November 25, 2020 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Save the date for a joint CanPath (Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health) and CARTaGENE webinar presented by Dr. Francis Rodier, Associate Professor at the University of Montreal.

About the Webinar:
Learn how Professor Rodier’s research team is using CARTaGENE data and biosamples to develop cellular senescence biomarkers of biological age, as opposed to simply using chronological age as a risk factor.

These include a circulating profile of proteins in the blood, as well as a molecule termed TREC (T-cell receptor excision recombination circles), which is also easily measured in the blood. TRECs reflect the output of the thymus, which is known to involute with age, and thus indirectly represent immuno-senescence. We propose the measurement of biological age will be more accurate than chronological age to highlight individuals at risk for, or already harbouring, age-associated health problems.

Please note this webinar will be presented in French, with English slides available.