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  • November 25, 2020 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Food: Revitalization, Reclamation and Reconciliation

Kelly Gordon, RD, B.Sc (Nutri. Sci.)

Kelly has worked as a registered dietitian for over 15 years, focusing on community health. Kelly is Kanyen’keha (Mohawk) and a proud mother of two energetic children. A graduate from McGill University, she has strived to use her education, opportunities and knowledge to work towards building a healthier population and supporting Indigenous Peoples’. Currently Kelly works for Six Nations Health Services as a team manager of health promotion; she previously worked as a community dietitian for Toronto Public Health and Davenport Perth Community Health Centre. Kelly was one of the lead team members supporting the “Healthy Roots” community initiative and then the community based research in partnership with McMaster University. Her current focus is working to integrate Indigenous knowledge into her everyday work, supporting community members on their journey towards wellness.

Food: Revitalization, Reclamation and Reconciliation will include the gathering of truths, planting of ideas and growing of a better understanding of the connection of food to each land, culture, identity and well-being. The webinar will include the sharing of experiences and practical community examples such as the Healthy Roots community initiative & research project and Nourish the future of food in healthcare.

Nourish Health

Nourish’s vision was selected as one of the 79 Semi-Finalists (from 1319 Visions submitted) in Rockefeller Foundations’ Food System Vision Prize, which asked for organizations around the world to envision “Regenerative and Nourishing Food Futures for 2050”. We believe that our resulting vision illuminates the interdependence of human health and planetary health and reveals a pathway …

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