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  • April 10, 2024 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Presented by the Global Implementation Science Lab…

The Global Implementation Science Lab hosts Seminar Series that creates space and engagement in meaningful conversations about implementation science research, practice, and challenges across faculties and students working on implementation science. Our goal is to expand, explore, and extract knowledge and skills, and to connect students with researchers and practitioners working on current issues. The 1st seminar on April 10th will combine 2 talks from the lens of implementation science.

Talk 1: What determinants affect inpatient satisfaction in a US-based post-acute care rehabilitation hospital?

The study investigated the determinants affecting inpatient satisfaction in a US-based post-acute care rehabilitation hospital, focusing on how various hospital service domains influence patient satisfaction, the overall quality of care, and patients’ willingness to recommend the hospital. It utilized patient-level data from electronic medical records and Press Ganey satisfaction data, analyzing responses from 4,785 patients. The research found that personal issues domain was the most significant factor affecting patient satisfaction, followed by domains related to physical therapy, nursing, discharge, and food services. This study provides insights into improving patient experience by prioritizing areas needing enhancement, especially in communication and service delivery within rehabilitation settings.

Speaker Profile:
Dr. Jasper Xu is a sophisticated professional in health administration with a decade-long career in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Holding a Ph.D. in Statistics, Dr. Xu specializes in health economics/finance, international health, and telehealth, emphasizing value-based purchasing in healthcare. At the University of North Florida, he has contributed significantly through teaching, research, and service, demonstrating expertise in healthcare finance, biostatistics, and health economics. His industry experience includes roles as a Senior Biostatistician at Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Inc., where he led significant projects in presbyopia and myopia control. Dr. Xu’s scholarly work is well-documented in peer-reviewed publications, showcasing his research on telehealth, healthcare quality, and patient experience. He is holding various academic appointments and receiving multiple internal and external grants and awards for his innovative work.

Talk 2: Mobile instant messaging for chat-based support: an accessible and effective approach for promoting health behaviours

The potential of digital health interventions to address the burden of unhealthy lifestyles has been hindered by low user engagement. In this seminar, Dr. Luk will introduce a chat-based intervention model that leverages mobile instant messaging to overcome some engagement barriers. He will share his research journey in developing and evaluating the model for promoting smoking cessation. Dr Luk will also discuss his recent efforts in implementing and adapting the chat-based approach to address other health behaviours.

Speaker Profile:
Dr. Kevin Luk is a registered nurse and Research Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on developing, testing, and implementing scalable and sustainable interventions for modifying lifestyle risk factors, with an emphasis on tobacco use. He has published over 45 articles in international journals, including JAMA Internal Medicine, Lancet Digital Health, and Tobacco Control. His track record is recognized through his role as the Associate Editor of Nicotine & Tobacco Research, a prestigious journal in the field. Currently, Dr Luk is leading three competitive external research grants that focused on evaluating novel digital health interventions for tobacco cessation and gestational diabetes prevention.

Join the seminar at Room 507 or virtually via Zoom: (no password)
Light lunch will be provided.

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