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Aya Mitani PhD, MPH

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(416) 946-3250
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Dalla Lana School of Public Health Health Sciences Building 155 College Street, 6th Floor Toronto, ON M5T 3M7
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Biostatistics Division
Assistant Professor
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Education and training

  • Postdoctoral research fellow, Harvard School of Public Health
  • PhD, Biostatistics, Boston University School of Public Health
  • MPH, Biostatistics, Yale School of Public Health
  • BA, Mathematics, Pitzer College

Research interests

  • Modelling complex oral health data
  • Missing data methods
  • Outcome-dependent sampling design
  • Agreement and association


  • CHL5260H: Doctoral Seminar Series in Biostatistics (Fall 2020, 2021, 2022 & Winter 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • CHL5222H: Analysis of Correlated Data (Winter 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • CHL7001: Introduction to Joint Modeling in Health Research (Summer 2022)

Recent publications

  • Mitani AA, Kaye EK, Nelson KP. Accounting for tooth-loss using inverse probability censoring weights in longitudinal clustered data with informative cluster size. Accepted to Annals of Applied Statistics.
  • Mitani AA, Mercaldo ND, Haneuse S, Schildcrout JS. Survey design and analysis considerations when utilizing misclassified sampling strata. BMC Medical Research Methodology. 2021; 21(145).
  • Mitani AA, Kaye EK, Nelson KP. Marginal analysis of multiple outcomes with informative cluster size. Biometrics. 2021; 77, 271–282.
  • Mitani AA, Haneuse S. Small data challenges of studying rare diseases. Invited Commentary. JAMA Network Open. 2020; 3(3).
  • Mitani AA, Kaye EK, Nelson KP. Marginal analysis of ordinal clustered longitudinal data with informative cluster size. Biometrics. 2019; 73(3), 938– 949.
  • Nelson KP, Mitani AA, Edwards D. Evaluating the effects of rater and subject factors on measures of association. Biomedical Journal. 2018; 60, 639–656.
  • Mitani AA, Nelson KP. Modeling Agreement between Binary Classifications of Multiple Raters in R and SAS. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods. 2017; 15.
  • Mitani AA, Freer PE, Nelson KP. Summary measures of agreement and association between many raters’ ordinal classifications. Annals of Epidemiology. 2017; 27(10).
  • Nelson KP, Mitani AA, Edwards D. Assessing the influence of rater and subject characteristics on measures of agreement for ordinal ratings. Statistics in Medicine. 2017; 36(20), 3181–3199.
  • Mitani AA, Kurian AW, Das AK, Desai M. Navigating choices when applying multiple imputation in the presence of multi-level categorical interaction effects. Statistical Methodology. 2015; 27.

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