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Adalsteinn Brown DPhil, AB

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Health Sciences Building 155 College Street, 6th Floor Toronto, ON M5T 3M7
Health Policy Blog
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Research Interests

Performance Measurement
Public Policy

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Competition Cooperation and Strategy in Health Care 5775H

Representative Publications

• Brown AD,* Goldacre MJ, Hicks N, McMurtry RY, Brown JD and Anderson GM. Ambulatory care sensitive conditions. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2001;92:155-159
• Greenberg A, Angus H, Sullivan T and Brown AD.* Development of a set of strategy-based, system-level cancer care performance indicators in Ontario, Canada.  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2005;17:107-114
• Brown AD,* Alikhan LM, Sandoval GA, Seeman N, Baker GR and Pink GH. Acute Care Hospital Strategic Priorities: Perceptions of Challenges, Control, Competition and Collaboration in Ontario’s Evolving Healthcare System. Healthcare Quarterly, 2005;8:34-45
• Brown AD,* Sandoval GA, Levinton C, and Blackstien-Hirsch P. Developing an Efficient Model to Select Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Improvement Strategies. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2005;46:3-10
• Lomas J, Brown AD, Research and Advice-Giving: A Functional View of Evidence-Informed Policy Advice in a Canadian Ministry of Health.  Milbank Quarterly, 2009;87:903-926
• Levinton C, Veillard J, Slutsky A, Brown AD.* The importance of place in patient satisfaction. International Journal for Qualty in Health Care, 2011;23:1-8.
• Levin L,* Goeree R, Levine M, Krahn M, Easty T, Brown A, Henry D. Coverage with evidence development. The Ontario Experience. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. In press.
• Simunovic M,* Urbach D, Major D, Sutradhar R, Baxter N, To T, Brown AD, Davis D, Levin N, Assessing the Volume-Outcome Hypothesis and Region-Level Quality Improvement Interventions: Pancreas Cancer Surgery in Two Canadian Provinces.  Annals of Surgical Oncology, 2010, 17:2537-2544
• Veilllard J, Huynh T, Ardal S, Kadandale S, Klazinga NS, Brown AD.*  Making health system performance measurement useful to policy-makers. Aligning strategies, measurement, and local health system accountability in Ontario. Healthcare Policy, 2010;5:49-65