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Faculty Member

Miriam Leah Diamond Ph.D., M.Sc.Eng., M.Sc., B.Sc.

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Department of Earth Sciences University of Toronto 22 Russell Street Toronto, ON M5S 3B1
Diamond Research Group website
Occupational & Environmental Health Division
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Research Interests

  • Measuring and modelling indoor and outdoor urban emissions, concentrations and fate of plasticizers, flame retardants and other semi-volatile organic contaminants (SVOCs)
  • Developing tools to measure SVOCs indoors and outdoors
  • Developing mechanistic mathematical models to estimate emissions and fate of SVOCs indoors and outdoors, including human and ecosystem exposure

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

ENV 281F, “Is the Internet Green?”

ESS 463S, “Contaminants in the Environment”

Honours & Awards

Environmental Scientist of the Year, 2007

Current Research Projects

  • Measuring and modelling indoor emissions, concentrations and fate of plasticizers, flame retardants and other semi-volatile organic contaminants (SVOCs)
  • Assessing exposure of e-waste workers to e-waste dismantlers in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Assessing exposure of nail salon workers to phthalates and other SVOCs
  • Developing a stationary and personal passive air sampler for SVOCs
  • Investigating the role of clothing in terms of SVOC exposure and fate
  • Assessing microplastics as a vector of SVOCs
  • Measuring outdoor concentrations and fate of SVOCs in the Greater Toronto Area

Current publications

  1. SÜHRING, R, H WOLSCHKE, ML DIAMOND, L JANTUNEN, M SCHERINGER. 2016. Distribution of organophosphate esters between the gas and particle phase – model predictions vs. measured data. Environ Sci Technol ASAP
  2. OKEME J, JM PARNIS, JM POOLE, ML DIAMOND, LM JANTUNEN. 2016. Polydimethylsiloxane-air partition coefficients for semi-volatile organic compounds by GC-based measurement and COSMO-RS estimation with an oligomeric model: Rapid measurements and accurate modelling. Chemosphere ASAP
  1. VENIER M, ONDŘEJ A, VOJTA Š, BEČANOVĂ J, ROMANAK K, MELYMUK L, KRÁTKÁ M, KUKUČKA P, OKEME J*, SAINI S*, ML DIAMOND, J KLANOVÁ. 2016. Brominated flame retardants in the indoor environment – Comparative study of indoor contamination from three countries. Environ Int ASAP.
  1. SAINI A, C RAUERT, MJ SIMPSON, S HARRAD, ML DIAMOND. 2016. Characterizing the sorption of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) to cotton and polyester fabrics under controlled conditions. Science of the Total Environment. 563-564: 99-107.
  1. SAWYER JM, MT ARTS, G ARHONDITSIS, ML DIAMOND. 2016. A general model of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) uptake and loss in freshwater fish. Environ Modelling 323: 96-105.
  1. ABBASI G, A SAINI, E GOOSEY, ML DIAMOND. 2016. Product screening for sources of halogenated flame retardants in Canadian house and office dust. Sci Total Environ. 545-546: 299-307.
  1. ZHANG X, R SŰHRING, D SERODIO, M BONNELL, N SUNDIN, ML DIAMOND. 2015. Novel flame retardants: estimating the physical-chemical properties and environmental fate of 94 halogenated and organophosphate PBDE replacements. Chemosphere. 144: 2401-2407. 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2015.11.017
  1. BLUM, A, SA BALAN, M SCHERINGER, X TRIER, G GOLDENMAN, IT COUSINS, M DIAMOND, T FLETCHER, C HIGGINS AE LINDEMAN, G PEASLEE, P DE VOOGT, ZY WANG, R WEBER. 2015. The Madrid statement on poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). Environ Health Persp 123(5): A107-A111.