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Faculty Member

Ilene Hyman Ph.D., M.H.Sc.

Email Address(es)
Centre for Global Health
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Adjunct Professor

Research Interests

  • Health and Social Equity
  • Immigrant and Refugee Health
  • Indigenous Health
  • Gender and Health
  • Mental Health

Education & Training History

  • 1997 Post-Doctoral Research – Culture, Community and Health Studies Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award – National Health Research and Development Program, Health Canada.
  • 1993 Doctoral Degree in Community Health – Specialization in Epidemiology, University of Montreal.
  • Doctoral Fellowship Recipient – National Health Research and Development Program, Health Canada.
  • 1989 United Nations Graduate Student Internship – UNFPA, New York, US.
  • 1984 Master of Health Science Degree – Specialization in Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.
  • 1980 Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy – Awarded with Distinction, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Other Affiliations

Research & Policy Committee, Network of the Americas for Health Equity

Senior Research Associate, University of Ottawa

Research Affiliate, CERIS

Research Affiliate, Ryerson Centre for Immigration Studies, Ryerson University

VP Evaluation, Endeavour

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Mentor, Implementation Science Trainee Cluster, DLSPH, University of Toronto.

Steering Committee Member, Public Health and Migration, Dalla Lana School of Public Health. University of Toronto.

Supervision – MPH practicum students, Phd students

Lecturer – CHL 7001 Migration and Health, CHL7001H Ethnicity, Culture and Health Promotion

Current Research Projects

Strengthening Disaggregated Sociodemographic Data Related to COVID-19. Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership. Oct 2020 –. Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership.

TransFormed: Addressing Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans Perspectives. PHAC-METRAC. Oct 2017 – 2020.

Over the Line: Health Effects of Race, Place & the Environment, SSRCC Connections Grant, 2017.

Aging Well: Partnering to optimize social network and support for older immigrants in Ontario. SSHRCC Partnership Grant. July 2016.

Promoting Resilient Relationships among Newcomer Youth. Healthier Cities and Communities Grant – METRAC. March 2015 – March 2016.

Identification of partnerships to build capacity in the delivery of information and treatment for the management of Hepatitis C in newcomer populations. CATIE. April 2016 – Sept 2016.

Migration and Diabetes. Exploring experiences of diabetes among recent immigrant, Black Caribbean immigrant and Canadian-born populations. PHAC and CERIS, 2012 – 2014.

Immigrant integration and inclusion: Investigating the Canadian partnership model from a complex-system perspective. SSHRCC. 2012 – 2014.

Representative Publications

Hyman, I. (2020). Sex, gender and equity in health. Focus on migrant women. In: Desiderio, M.V. ed. (2020) Canada-EU Migration Platform on the Integration of Migrant Women. Outcomes Report. European Commission, European Website on Integration, Brussels. Available at:

Hyman, I & Vissandjee, B. (2020). COVID-19, Intersectionality and Concerns about Violence in the Home. Canadian Diversity, 17(3), 34-40.

Etowa J, Hyman I. (2020). Unpacking the health and social consequences of COVID-19 through a race, migration and gender lens. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 111(6).

Hyman I, Ansara D, Forte T, O’Campo P, Finn D, Siddiqui A, Smylie J, McKenzie K. (2019). Prevalence and Predictors of Everyday Discrimination in Canada: Findings from a National Survey. Wellesley Institute. Available at:

Mason, R, DuMont J, MacDonald S, Lantheir S, Hyman I. (2019). Recognizing and Responding to the Commonly Misunderstood Reactions to Sexual Assault: Evaluation of an Online Curriculum. Women’s Health Reports, 1(1), 318-325.

Hyman, I., Shakya Y., Jembere N. (2017). Patient and provider – related factors associated with diabetes self-management among recent immigrants in Toronto: Implications for systemic change. Canadian Family Physician.

Hyman, I., Vahabi M., Bailey, A., Patel S., Guruge S., Wilson-Mitchell K., Wong J. (2016). Findings from an Interdisciplinary Forum: Taking Action on Violence through Research, Policy And Practice. Global Health Research and Policy.

Meinhard, A., Lo, L., & Hyman, I. (2016). Cross-Sector Partnerships in the Provision of Services to New Immigrants in Canada: Characteristics, Relevance and Constraints. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance.

Hyman I, Meinhard A. (2017). The Health of Canadian Immigrants: Examining the Role of Multiculturalism Policy. In Dennis Raphael (Ed). Immigration and the Modern Welfare State: Public Policy, Immigrant Experiences and Health Outcomes. Canadian Scholars’ Press/Women’s Press. Toronto.

Hyman, I., Gucciardi, E., Kljujic, D., Patychuk, D., Shakya, Y., Rummens, A., Bhamani, M., Boqaileh, F. (2014). Self-management, health service use and information seeking for diabetes care among Black Caribbean immigrants in Toronto. Canadian Journal of Diabetes 38(1) 32-37.

Du Mont J, Hyman I, O’Brien K, White M, Odette F, Tyyskä V. (2012). Factors associated with intimate partner violence post-separation by immigration status in Canada. Annals of Epidemiology 22(11):772-777.

Hyman I, Patychuk D, Zaidi Q, Kljujic D, Rummens J, Shakya Y, Creatore M, Vissandjee B. (2012). Self-management, health service use and information seeking for diabetes care among recent immigrants in Toronto. Chronic Diseases in Canada (December).

Vissandjée, B., Hyman, I., Janczur, A. & Villefranche, M. (2012). Searching for Promising Health Promotion Practices for Immigrants: Accounting for Intersecting Determinants. In I. Rootman, S. Dupéré & A. Pederson & M. O’Neill (Eds.), Health Promotion in Canada (3rd ed.). Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars’ Press, Inc.

Hyman I, Mason R, Guruge S, Berman H, Kanagaratnam P, Manuel L. (2011). Perceptions of Factors Contributing to Intimate Partner Violence among Sri Lankan Immigrant Tamil Women in Canada. Health Care for Women International, 32(9)779-794.

Brooker AS, Hyman I. (2010). Time Use: A Report of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing. June. Available at:

Hyman, I. (2009). Racism as a Determinant of Immigrant Health. Policy Brief. Metropolis and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Hyman I, Forte T, Du Mont J, Romans S, Cohen, MM. (2009). Help-Seeking Rates for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Racial Minority Women in Canada. Women’s Health Issues, 19 (2); 101-108.

Hyman I, Forte T, Du Mont J, Romans S, Cohen, MM (2006). The association between length of stay in Canada and intimate partner violence among immigrant women. American Journal of Public Health, 96 (4) 654-659.

Hyman I. Immigration and Health (2001). Health Canada.