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Faculty Member

Carles Muntaner MD, PhD, MHS

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
416-978 55 02
Office Address
Social Equity and Health,CAMH 250 College Street Toronto, ON M5T 1R8
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
SGS Status
Full Member
Appointment Status
Non budgtry Crss

Research Interests

  • social class
  • politics
  • work organization
  • employment conditions
  • race/ethnicity
  • gender
  • welfare state
  • mental health
  • health care workers
  • latin america

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Politics, Welfare State and Health
  • Social Inequalities in Health
  • Social Epidemiology
  • Global Health
  • Community Health
  • Philosophy of Population Health

Honours & Awards

  • Wade Hampton Frost Award of the Epidemiology Section of the American Association of Public Health (APHA)

Current Research Projects

  • Employment Conditions Network of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) 2007-2009
  • Marmot Review 2009-2010
  • Urbanization and Social Inequalities in Health WHO Kobe Center 2009-2010
  • Analysis of WHS 2008-2010
  • Venezuela's Bario Adentro 2009-2010

Representative Publications

1: Martínez JM, Benach J, Benavides FG, Muntaner C, Clèries R, Zurriaga O,
Martínez-Beneito MA, Yasui Y. Improving multilevel analyses: the integrated
epidemiologic design. Epidemiology. 2009 Jul;20(4):525-32.
2: Blas E, Gilson L, Kelly MP, Labonté R, Lapitan J, Muntaner C, Ostlin P, Popay
J, Sadana R, Sen G, Schrecker T, Vaghri Z. Addressing social determinants of
health inequities: what can the state and civil society do? Lancet. 2008 Nov
3: Borrell C, Muntaner C, Solà J, Artazcoz L, Puigpinós R, Benach J, Noh S.
Immigration and self-reported health status by social class and gender: the
importance of material deprivation, work organisation and household labour. J
Epidemiol Community Health.
2008 May;62(5):e7.
4: Espelt A, Borrell C, Rodríguez-Sanz M, Muntaner C, Pasarín MI, Benach J,
Schaap M, Kunst AE, Navarro V. Inequalities in health by social class dimensions
in European countries of different political traditions. Int J Epidemiol. 2008
5: Alterman T, Steege AL, Li J, Petersen MR, Muntaner C. Ethnic, racial, and
gender variations in health among farm operators in the United States. Ann
2008 Mar;18(3):179-86.
6: Cano-Serral G, Azlor E, Rodríguez-Sanz M, Pasarín MI, Martínez JM, Puigpinós
R, Muntaner C, Borrell C. Socioeconomic inequalities in mortality in Barcelona: a
study based on census tracts (MEDEA Project). Health Place. 2009
Mar;15(1):186-92. Epub 2008 Jun 3.
7: Borrell C, Azlor E, Rodríguez-Sanz M, Puigpinós R, Cano-Serral G, Pasarín MI,
Martínez JM, Benach J, Muntaner C. Trends in socioeconomic mortality inequalities
in a southern European urban setting at the turn of the 21st century. J Epidemiol
Community Health.
2008 Mar;62(3):258-66.
8: Borrell C, Marí-Dell'Olmo M, Rodríguez-Sanz M, Garcia-Olalla P, Caylà JA,
Benach J, Muntaner C. Socioeconomic position and excess mortality during the heat
wave of 2003 in Barcelona. Eur J Epidemiol. 2006;21(9):633-40. Epub 2006 Oct 18.
9: Navarro V, Muntaner C, Borrell C, Benach J, Quiroga A, Rodríguez-Sanz M,
Vergés N, Pasarín MI. Politics and health outcomes. Lancet. 2006 Sep
10: Muntaner C, Li Y, Xue X, Thompson T, O'Campo P, Chung H, Eaton WW. County
level socioeconomic position, work organization and depression disorder: a
repeated measures cross-classified multilevel analysis of low-income nursing home
workers. Health Place. 2006 Dec;12(4):688-700.
11: Trinkoff AM, Johantgen M, Muntaner C, Le R. Staffing and worker injury in
nursing homes. Am J Public Health. 2005 Jul;95(7):1220-5.
12:Muntaner C, Eaton WW, Miech R, O'Campo P. Socioeconomic position and major
mental disorders. Epidemiol Rev. 2004;26:53-62.
13: Diez-Roux AV, Nieto FJ, Muntaner C, Tyroler HA, Comstock GW, Shahar E, Cooper
LS, Watson RL, Szklo M. Neighborhood environments and coronary heart disease: a
multilevel analysis. Am J Epidemiol. 1997 Jul 1;146(1):48-63.
14. Muntaner C, Anthony JC, Crum RM, Eaton WW. Psychosocial dimensions of work and the risk of drug dependence among adults.
Am J Epidemiol. 1995 Jul 15;142(2):183-90.