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Based at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH), the Centre for Occupational Disease Prevention’s (CODP) aim is to advance the prevention of occupational diseases provincially, nationally, and internationally. The CODP seeks to strengthen collaboration between existing expertise in occupational hygiene, occupational epidemiology, and occupational medicine at the University of Toronto to support research excellence and knowledge mobilization that will have greater influence and impact at the individual worker, population health, and policy levels.

About the Centre for Occupational Disease Prevention

While the Centre for Occupational Disease Prevention was launched in 2023, the University of Toronto (U of T) has contributed to the field of occupational health and safety for over 100 years. U of T is unique in Canada for offering English language training in all of epidemiology, occupational hygiene and occupational medicine.

Affiliated faculty members have diverse knowledge in public health, medicine, and engineering. Faculty members are highly respected experts in their fields and have invested decades in building academic research and training programs.

Our aspirational vision is a world without occupational diseases.

The work of the CODP revolves around four pillars:

  1. Research that advances our understanding of the causes of occupational diseases and prevention strategies, including exposure risks in the workplace and their mitigation.
  2. Implementation & Evaluation of prevention strategies through a research-to-action framework that includes diverse occupational health and safety community stakeholders.
  3. Education for students and professionals that supports improved implementation of evidence-based occupational health and safety practices.
  4. Impact on regulatory and public policy to improve occupational disease prevention in workplaces and among workers, including at federal and provincial jurisdictions.

Affiliated Research Centres

The CODP has two primary affiliated research centres: the Occupational Cancer Research Centre and the Centre for Expertise in Occupational Disease.

Clickable Occupational Cancer Research Centre logo.

Occupational Cancer Research Centre

Clickable logo for the Centre for Expertise in Occupational Disease.

Centre for Expertise in Occupational Disease

Events and Activities

Professional Development

There are several programs hosted across the University of Toronto that support professional development and continuing education. These may be of interest to the CODP community, including:

Occupational and Environmental Health Seminars

Occupational Medicine Rounds

Aerospace Medicine Rounds

Trainee Journal Club

Audience: Occupational Medicine Residents, Fellows and students studying Occupational and Environmental Health

Date Paper for discussion
May 3, 2024 Exposure to benzene and other hydrocarbons and risk of bladder cancer among male offshore petroleum workers  – Shala et al. (2023)
June 21, 2024 TBD
July & August 2024 No journal club events

Journal club will resume in September 2024

To join the journal club mailing list please email:  

How to Get Involved


The CODP is based in the Occupational and Environmental Health Division of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH). Our faculty are particularly interested in welcoming graduate students interested in pursuing occupational disease prevention research at the University of Toronto. Students will often enroll at the DLSPH, but the CODP includes faculty and students from many other faculties at U of T, including Applied Science and Engineering, Medicine, and others.

Prospective students are encouraged to review the affiliated faculty list as well as the information available online for prospective DLSPH students.

Information is also available for graduate students interested in applying to Applied Science and Engineering or Medicine. Often the best point of contact is the program director for the program of interest.

Students, current and prospective, are always welcome to attend events and professional development.


We are building a community of researchers focussed on occupational disease prevention and welcome new affiliated faculty. Faculty interested in affiliation with the CODP can contact Prof. Victoria Arrandale at


For more information on the CODP please contact Prof. Victoria Arrandale at