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DLSPH Masters students can choose to complete a practicum placement that is global health-related. Students can choose from a variety of practicums in the Greater Toronto Area, elsewhere in Canada or even go abroad to apply the theory and knowledge gained in coursework in professional settings.

The approach to global health at the DLSPH is interdisciplinary and integrative, bringing together ideas, theories, and methodologies from multiple disciplines. The school emphasizes equity-oriented research; that is, projects focusing on the health challenges of low-income and marginalized populations in all countries and the relationship of these challenges to global, national and local political, social, economic, and institutional factors.

Past global health practicum placements have taken place at organizations like the World Health Organization (Geneva, Switzerland), the Centre for Infectious Disease Research (Lukasa, Zambia), PAHO (Washington, DC, USA), Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (Eldoret, Kenya), Sri Ramachandra University (Chennai, India), and the Government of Nunavut (Iqaluit, Nunavut).

Other examples of Global Health Practicums:

For more information please contact Dunya Mojadiddi, Practicum Placement and Professional Development Officer. Students may also visit the learning abroad website for additional resources and information.

There may also be additional funding opportunities posted on the learning abroad website