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A minimum of  8 weeks before deadline Determine the deadlines for both the application AND the U of T internal deadline.
A minimum of 6 weeks before deadline Consult the agency website and read any guidelines or program descriptions provided.  (optional: Meet with the DLSPH Research Grant Development Officer to discuss proposal strategies etc.)
A minimum of 4 weeks before deadline Double-check to see if any of the following is required:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Pre-proposal
  • Online registration
PI identifies all collaborators and consultants and notifies them of the time line for completion (Update CVs in correct format, letters of support, bios)
A minimum of 2 weeks before deadline Obtain approval from Associate Dean of Research for any deviations from standard process (e.g. cost sharing, reduced indirects, release time, cost sharing, space & facilities)
minimum of 2 weeks before internal deadline Provide Grant Development Officer with full package for editing and review (optional)
A minimum of 7 Working days before internal deadline Create MRA login, if first time using internal approval system. (if grant is being administered by UofT/DLSPH)
By internal deadline (typically 1 week prior to external submission deadline) Getting signatures: Upload working draft copy of proposal and final budget to MRA system for routing. If there is a signature page and a physical signature is required, upload the page along with your proposal into MRA.
By funder deadline Once approval received from UofT, upload full application and submit to funder. (submission process may vary by funder, please check specific instructions)