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Proposal Development

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Research Grant Application Checklist

Internal Peer Review

• To improve grantsmanship and strengthen and enhance the quality of grant applications
• To improve DLSPH research application success rates for Tri-Council and other peer-reviewed requests for proposals
• Promote teamwork, collaboration and collegiality in DLSPH

• For new PIs: promotes mentorship for new and early researchers in DSLPH = long term success
• For senior PIs serving as reviewers: allows them to stay abreast of new and innovative methods and approaches = continued success
• Increase the potential for CRC allocation to DLSPH through increased Tri-Council funding
• An increase in successful applications also increase indirect cost recovery which in turns allows more future research support in DLSPH
• For all PIs: increase competitiveness for awards and promotion
NIH Article – Internal Grant Preer Review Implementation

DLSPH Guidelines for Internal Peer Review Initiative
DLSPH Internal Peer Review Form

Submit Proposals

  • All proposals for research funding (when the funding will be held at U of T), must be submitted for approval via the My Research Applications electronic review and approval system prior to submission to the sponsor.
    In order to obtain institutional approval (electronic or signed signature page), please submit your MRA at least 1 week in advance of the grant deadline. If a signature page is required, please upload the signature page to your MRA and Research Services will return the signed copy to you via email.
  • Research Grant Application Checklist

Set Up and Manage a Project

Research Ethics

If your research involves humans or animals, you will need to submit a Research Ethics application.

1) Eligibility:

Principal Investigator/Supervisor/Sponsor Eligible to Apply for Ethics through DLSPH
DLSPH Core Faculty Yes
DLSPH Status-Only Faculty Yes
DLSPH Adjunct Faculty No
Student of a Core/Status-Only Faculty Yes

2) How to Submit an Ethics Application:

The University of Toronto has launched a new on line system for the submission and review of human ethics protocols (MRHP). It is integrated with the My Research Applications (MRA) system.
Login: UTORid and password

About the New REB System:
– All new protocols for delegated review must now be submitted on-line through MRHP.
– All new protocols for full board review beginning with the December 2017 REB meetings must be submitted on-line through MRHP.
– All Amendments, Renewals, Protocol Completion Reports and Adverse Event Reports for existing protocols must now be submitted on-line through MRHP.
– Submissions by email will no longer be accepted.

For help and tutorials, please see the links below.

3) REB Deadlines:
Click here to see the REB deadlines:

4) Obtaining DLSPH Approval:
Approvals are now obtained through the online MRHP system. Please submit your application at least 1 week ahead of the REB deadline in order to obtain approval by DLSPH’s Associate Dean of Research.

5) Renewals, Amendments, Study Completion Requests:
Please complete these activities via the online MRHP system. A signature from the Associate Dean of Research is not required.

6) MRHP Tutorials:

How do I create a NEW SUBMISSION (original protocol document)?
How do I create an AMENDMENT on my “legacy” protocol (created prior to October 25, 2017, i.e. before the launch of My Research – Human Protocols (MRHP) system)?
How do I create a RENEWAL on my “legacy” protocol (created prior to October 25, 2017, i.e. before the launch of My Research – Human Protocols (MRHP) system)?
How do I designate a PI ASSISTANT? (They will help create a protocol in my name.)
How do I designate a STUDENT PI? (They will create a protocol in their name.)

• I want to create an Original Submission in my Name
How do I create a NEW human research ethics protocol in my name (Student PI)?
• I want to work on an EXISTING human research ethics protocol on which I am PI
How do I create a protocol document (e.g. renewal or amendment) on my student protocol that was created prior to October 25, 2017, i.e. before the launch of My Research – Human Protocols (MRHP) system? (“Legacy Protocol”)?

Documentation and FAQs:

Questions & Help:
RAISE Helpline: 416-946-5000
RAISE Email:

Or contact the DLSPH Office of Research for support:

Honours and Awards

We highly encourage all faculty to develop and maintain a basic awards dossier that can be adapted for various opportunities. The following dossier components are recommended:

  • 1-sentence (~15 to 20-word) proposed citation
  • 250-word summary of achievement and impact
  • 3-page detailed narrative of research achievements
  • Annotated list of top 15 publications
  • Well-formatted up-to-date CV

If you would like to be considered for any awards, please send the Office of Research a copy of your dossier to keep on file. We also welcome your nominations of colleagues.

Staff are available to help with nomination packages based on availability.