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You are invited to attend one of the online weekly “Immigration Documents and Legal Status Orientation Q&A”  or “Study Permits and Entry Documents Q&A” sessions.  Click a date below to login with your JOINid and password.

Immigrations Documents and Legal Status Orientation

Study Permit and Entry Documents

July 18, 10am June 6, 10am
July 26, 2pm June 14, 2pm
August 3, 10am June 22, 10am
August 10, 2pm June 28, 10am
August 14, 10am July 4, 2pm
August 22, 2pm July 11, 10am
August 30, 10am July 19, 2pm
September 8, 2pm July 27, 10am
September 14, 10am August 4, 10am
September 20, 2pm August 8, 2pm
August 15, 10am
August 23, 2pm
August 31, 10am