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ACORNAccessible Campus Online Resource Network is your gateway to online services and your personal and academic data stored in ROSI (the Repository of Student Information).

Students in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences (GDPHS) access ACORN to:

  • View/update address, telephone numbers, email, and emergency contact information
  • View your financial account information (invoices, account details, payments)
  • Defer payment of tuition (available to recipients of a funding commitment and to students with approved Ontario, Canada and some US government student loan– see ‘Registration’ below)
  • Pay tuition and fees by credit card
  • Enter direct deposit details
  • View, request/wait list or drop courses
  • View personal timetable
  • View academic history
  • Order transcripts
  • Print “Educational Credit” tax forms (T2202A)
  • Life section: Highlights important student services and programs on each campus.
  • Easy connections to other online systems such as Quercus, Co-Curricular Record and the Career Learning Network.
  • Order convocation tickets and more…

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to keep personal and academic information up to date at all times and to follow all University, SGS, departmental and program regulations, requirements and deadlines. ACORN makes it easier for students to check and correct this information. If questions arise about requirements, policies and procedures, students are responsible for seeking answers to these questions from staff and advisors.


Use of ACORN to enrol in courses means that you agree to abide by all of the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of the University, the School of Graduate Studies, and the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences.  It also means that you agree to assume the obligation to pay academic and incidental fees according to the policies and requirements of the University of Toronto. You normally will use ACORN to add or cancel courses. If, for extraordinary reasons, you are unable to use the system, contact the graduate office as soon as possible.

Students are expected to be responsible when using the system and should not attempt to flood it with requests, or to automate the process of course enrolment. Such activity may clog the system so that other students may be denied access or experience degraded performance. Any student(s) attempting such activity may be denied access to both ACORN until after the relevant registration period.

System Availability

ACORN has scheduled downtime on Mondays from 3:00 am – 6:00 am, but is otherwise normally available. Occasionally hours must be reduced for system maintenance.  Please check the systems for details.

Note:  On the first day of enrolment, the services open at 6:00.

Logging into ACORN

Students use their UTORid and password to log onto ACORN ( This is similar to other U of T systems.

Updating & Checking Personal Information

Students may view or update personal information, such as address, telephone numbers, email address, emergency contact information, and Direct Deposit information.

  • Click on Profile & Settings from the Dashboard
  • Use the Add New option to enter new address and telephone information.  Use the Edit option only to correct current information (e.g. typos).
  • It is imperative that your university-issued email address and a valid (not expired) Mailing address exist in your profile for the duration of your program.
  • Students can also select Other Personal Information to view information such as legal/immigration status. As legal status affects fees, all students are advised to check this information at the beginning of each year.

Direct Deposit for Payment of Awards and Refunds

As soon as you are registered, logon to ACORN to set up direct deposit of award/refund payments to your bank account.  You must be registered (i.e. paid fees or deferred your tuition) to access the direct deposit screen. Select ‘Financial Account’ from the menu and click on the ‘Direct Deposit’ button.