As we maintain continuity during these challenging times, we also aim to address all of your questions. Below is a list of frequently-asked-questions.

  1. How do I drop a course?
  2. How do I extend a course?
  3. When are my grades due?
  4. Graduation: What’s happening with June 2020 Convocation
  5. What’s happening with practicum placements?
  6. What courses are offered this summer?
  7. What financial aid resources are available to students?
  8. Is DLSPH Open this Fall?
  9. When will I find out if Fall 2020 are in-person or remote?
  10. Can I go into the Health Sciences Building to work in my office?

Winter Session 2020

How do I drop a course?

The drop date for Winter Term courses has been extended to April 25, 2020.
Please complete this form and contact the Grad Office (PHS students) or your Program Director (IHPME).

How do I extend a course?

  1. Short coursework extensions:
    Please check with the specific Course Directors regarding coursework and what possibility exists for short extensions. This is dependent on Course Directors being able to complete their marking and submit grades in advance of specific deadlines.
  2. Course Extensions into the Summer Term:

When are my grades due?

Deadline to submit grades in eMarks for students graduating in June 2020: Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  SGS has announced an extension to the grade submission deadline for June graduates, but grades submitted earlier will be greatly appreciated. This deadline is final, and further extensions cannot be granted. Any student for whom all grades have not be submitted by May 13, 2020 will be removed from the graduation list.

Deadline to submit grades in eMarks for students not graduating in June 2020: Friday, June 5, 2020

If you have any questions regarding grade submission deadlines, please contact the Ellen Sokoloff at

To access your course(s) in eMarks, you will need to know your UTORid and your Employee Number.  If you do not have this information, please contact the Graduate Office for assistance ( If you have not already used the system, it is highly recommended that you logon to eMarks to review the process well before the submission deadline(s), and contact the GDPHS with any questions.

For students graduating in June 2020:

You will not be able to submit marks for approval until all of the grades for your class have been entered, however you should enter grades for graduating students into eMarks no later than Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  The Graduate Office will login to eMarks to retrieve these grades for our reporting needs. You will be able to login again later to complete your grade entry. Once you have entered the grades for the remaining students, submit all of the grades for approval by the June 5, 2020 deadline.

If there are no students in your class who are graduating in June 2020, the deadline to enter all grades and submit for approval is Friday, June 5, 2020.


  • Logon to eMarks at
  • Enter a LETTER grade for each student, or click the box under the ‘SDF requested’ column for students who have requested a course work extension (the system will enter in interim grade of ‘IPR’).  You should have received the extension request form from the student, or a notification from the student of their intention to request an extension.
  • You will only be permitted to enter notations acceptable to eMarks, including A’s, B’s or FZ. Blanks will not be accepted. Numeric grades will only be accepted in the case of an undergraduate student enrolled in your graduate-level course.
  • Contact the Graduate Office if there are any discrepancies in the student lists in eMarks (i.e.; students missing, or students on the list who shouldn’t be)

Instructors should consult with the Program Directors and the Graduate Office by as soon as possible, when grades of SDF or FZ are assigned.

We ask that you include a comment in the “Submission Comments” box indicating the reason for the Extension (SDF), or failure (FZ).

Graduation: What’s happening with June 2020 Convocation?

The University has made the difficult decision not to hold Convocation ceremonies in June 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the directives of public health authorities regarding social distancing and against large gatherings.

Students who complete their degree requirements will still graduate and receive their degrees and parchments.

U of T will host a virtual ceremony for all U of T graduates.

The DLSPH is also exploring options for a two-phased celebration for all students graduating this June to ensure ample opportunity for DLSPH (including PHS and IHPME) graduates, their families, as well as their “academic families” to celebrate accomplishments:

A DLSPH-led virtual celebration this June to complement U of T’s virtual ceremony.

An in-person celebration, once it is safe to host group events, to congratulate the June 2020 graduates.

Summer Session 2020

What’s happening with practicum placements?

International Placements: The University has cancelled student activities outside of Canada until August 14, 2020.

All remote (work from home) placements can continue forward as planned.

All in-person practicum placements have been suspended until at least July 6, 2020 to align with U of T Medicine and the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN). Students are asked to discuss with their supervisor about work continuity and whether in-person placements can be converted to remote participation. There are two situations where this an exception can be made to the suspension:

In-Person Practicum Placements with “Essential Research” at the University or TAHSN hospitals are permitted to continue in-person research projects if the student agrees and with permission from the Associate Dean Academic Affairs. Please note that “essential research” refers to COVID-19 projects that have been specifically approved as such by the hospitals or University. Research is not deemed essential only by virtue of it occurring at sites that are considered “essential service providers.”

Students with paid in-person placements who want to participate in-person can request an exception from the suspension. Please complete the in-person practicum placement exception form to request a review of your placement and send to Dionne Gesink (

What courses are offered this summer?

We are conducting a situation analysis to determine whether additional courses need to be offered this summer to compensate for practicum placement credit deficits. Additional elective courses were posted and advertised on April 20, 2020 to allow students time to learn about the course and enrol. Dates to remember:

April 20, 2020:

Click here to see all PHS summer courses open for registration.

Please contact the following faculty for information on IHPME summer courses open for registration:

Professional Programs Contact: Tina Smith

Research Programs Contact: Whitney Berta

May 4, 2020 – Final date to enrol in May-to-June or May-to-August session courses.

July 6, 2020 – Final date to enrol in July-August courses.

What financial aid resources are available to students?

On April 22, the Federal Government announced nearly $9-billion of support for students and new grads affected by COVID-19.

Click here for more information.

The University of Toronto also provides support to students experiencing immediate financial hardship via the School of Graduate Studies’ emergency loan or emergency grant. SGS is usually able to pay out emergency loans within 24-hours and emergency grants within one week.

Emergency Loan: Loan applications are processed on an ongoing, continual basis throughout each academic session. Applications need to be submitted to the SGS Graduate Awards Office by 2 pm in order to be evaluated. A decision will be released within two business days upon receipt of the complete application by SGS.

Click here for more information.

Emergency Grant: Grant applications appear to be ongoing (Fall, Winter, Summer). All of the applications will be reviewed and decisions will be communicated within two weeks upon receipt of a completed application (including all support documentation). Emergency Loans may be approved in the interim. The decision will be communicated via the student’s official U of T email address unless reasonable alternate arrangements of notification are requested.

Click here for more information

Students anticipating intermediate or longer-term financial need can apply for several awards offered by the University. Note that the application requirements and processes for these awards are specific to each award, and that some of these awards apply to Research Program and Professional Program students.

In the event students do not qualify for these awards, PHS will consider offering financial aid to those with demonstrated need who are confronting program progress delays attributable to COVID-19-related disruptions. Applications for these funds will be considered on a case by case basis. Students are asked to prepare, and to send the following to Vinita (

  • The OSOTF form.
  • A brief description of the delay, its relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic, and anticipated impacts on the student’s program completion timelines (to the best of their ability).
  • List of other sources of financial assistance applied for.

For all questions or concerns related to Financial Aid Resources, please contact Vinita (

Additional links to University of Toronto Awards/Scholarships & Additional Financial Aid/Assistance Resources:

The School of Graduate Studies website provides links and advice on Financial Aid:

School of Graduate Studies Awards:

Financial Aid:

Click here for more information.

Fall 2020

Is DLSPH open this Fall?

Yes. DLSPH will be welcoming the new cohort of masters and doctoral students in September as usual. However, it is unclear whether students will be greeted in-person or online.

We do not know the full course of the COVID-19 pandemic, when current physical distancing and other pandemic control measures will be relaxed, or if there will be a second wave. DLSPH academic leadership is planning for multiple delivery options and scenarios simultaneously to provide the best quality of education and mentoring for our students come fall.

We are collecting information broadly from all members of our community, hosting a series of town halls with faculty, staff, students and alumni, and commissioning a committee of faculty, staff and students who will review plans for how we can change our way of delivering education and develop detailed solutions for the 2020/2021 academic year.

When will I find out if fall 2020 classes are in-person or remote?

By mid-June, we anticipate we will have completed broad consultations to inform DLSPH’s short-term academic plan for the upcoming academic year beginning in September 2020.

For Staff and Faculty Members

Administration & Operations

Can I go into the Health Sciences Building to work in my office?

No, the building is closed to all faculty, staff and students with very few exceptions.

A handful of faculty, staff and students were designated “essential” to operations and/or research and have special access.

If you have any questions about building access, please contact Robin Hurst.

More Questions?

Please visit the U of T Coronavirus FAQ:

Faculty of Medicine’s COVID-19 page:

Faculty of Arts and Science FAQs: