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DLSPH Open: DLSPH launches a new Centre for Global Health

March 5/2020

Dear Colleagues,

Last week, the DLSPH hosted a lecture and reception to celebrate the launch of the DLSPH’s School-wide Centre for Global Health.

As one of the top schools of public health, it is critical for the DLSPH to have a critical mass of scholars exploring problems through a global lens. While our community has tremendous breadth and expertise in global health, we have relatively low visibility globally.

Adalsteinn Brown Professor and Dean

That’s why one of the key areas outlined in our 2019-2024 Academic Plan was to create a global presence through collaborative research and education. The new Centre for Global Health will enhance cohesion of global health education and research while leveraging our School-wide strengths in public health and health systems.

Together with Professor Erica Di Ruggiero, a global health working group as well as Centre staff (Ophelia Michaelides and Vadim Levin), we developed a shared vision for the Centre to become a hub for supporting global health work that is built on the principles of equity, engagement and excellence. The team will work closely with faculty, staff and students within Public Health Sciences, the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health, and other relevant research centres within DLSPH, U of T, and global health research centres in Toronto-area hospitals.

The Centre’s first strategic priority is a major interdisciplinary research and education initiative in universal health coverage, which aligns with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It also builds on DLSPH strengths in quality of care, primary care, data systems and analytics, health information systems, health policy and benchmarking and data-driven comparative health systems, and implementation science. Finally, it draws on DLSPH scholarship in health equity, health policy, the right to health and global health governance.

The Centre will also create an integrated program of global health education and scholarship that engages students and learners, through new scholarship opportunities and by sharpening the focus of current offerings. For example, the Centre will be home to the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health, Global Health Practicums, create new continuing education and postdoctoral programs and fellowships.

Functioning as a student hub, the Centre will continue to be a place where students feel welcome and can access resources, support and advice. It will continue to provide practica support, pre and post-departure training, international student and career support (i.e. Navigating Careers in Global Health events series).

I’d like to thank Erica for her leadership in transitioning the Office of Global Public Health Education and Training into the new Centre, as well as the global health working group for their expert insights. A number of DLSPH faculty, alumni and collaborators have cultivated strong partnerships with leading global institutions. The Centre will build on this foundation to maximize the School impact and footprint in global health.

I encourage you to visit the Centre’s new website to learn more.


Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown
Professor and Dean
Dalla Lana School of Public Health