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Faculty Member

Claudia Barned PhD

Email Address(es)
Clinical Public Health Division
Joint Centre for Bioethics
Assistant Professor
SGS Status
Associate Member
Appointment Status
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Research Interests

• Health Equity
• Intersectionality Theory
• Bioethics and Racial Justice
• Racial Discrimination in Healthcare
• Addiction Neuroethics
• Qualitative Health Research
• Black Health and Black Identity
• Body Image & Embodiment – Fat Oppression
• Caribbean Feminisms and Theorizations
• Understandings of Health and Illness

Representative Publications

  • Drews, S., & Barned, C. (2023). Who Protects Clinical Learners in Canada? Ethical Considerations for Institutional Policy on Patient Bias. Canadian Journal of Bioethics, 6(3), 33-43.
  • Onyura,B., Main, E., Barned, C., Wong, A., Vo, T., Chandran, N., Torabi, N., & Hamza, D. (2023). The “What” and “Why” of (Un) Ethical Evaluation Practice: A Meta-Narrative Review and Ethical Awareness Framework. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 38(2), 265-312.
  • Ewusi Boisvert, E., & Barned, C. (2023). The psychological study of race, diversity, and culture: Foundational contributions of James M. Jones to modern theories of racism. American Psychologist, 78(4), 376-388.
  • Rochette, M., Valiquette, M., Barned, C., & Racine, E. (2023). Addiction and Volitional Abilities: Stakeholders’ Understandings and their Ethical and Practical Implications. Neuroethics, 16(3), 24.
  • Rochette, M., Valiquette, M., Barned, C., & Racine, E. (2023). Drug Legalization, Democracy and Public Health: Canadian Stakeholders’ Opinions and Values with Respect to the Legalizations of Cannabis. Public Health Ethics, 16(2), 175-190.
  • Barned, C & O’Doherty, K. (2022) Understanding fatness: Jamaican women’s constructions of health. In A. Proksha & J. Gailey (Eds.), Fat Oppression around the World: Intersectional, Interdisciplinary & Methodological Innovations (1st , pp. 25-43). Routledge.
  • Bell, J. A., Salis, M., Tong, E., Nekolaichuk, E., Barned, C., Bianchi, A., … & Heesters, A. M. (2022). Clinical Ethics Consultations: A Scoping Review of Reported Outcomes. BMC Med Ethics, 23, 99
  • Iaboni, A., Grigorovich, A., Barned, C., Rodrigues, K., Pia, K., Chu, C. H., … & Tsokas, M. (2021). Development and dissemination of an ethical guidance and person‐centred isolation care planning tool to support the care of people with dementia during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Alzheimer’s & Dementia17, e054003.
  • Barned, C, Fabricius A, Stintzi A, Mack DR, O’Doherty KC. (2021) “The Rest of my Childhood was Lost”: Canadian Children and Adolescents’ Experiences Navigating Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Qualitative Health Research.
  • Barned, C. Rochette, M, & Racine E. (2021) Voluntary decision-making in addiction: A comprehensive review of existing measurement tools. Consciousness & Cognition, 91, 103115
  • Lorello, G., Gautam, M., Barned, C., & Peer, M. (2021) The intersection of Anaesthesia and Gender during COVID-19: Implications for Mental Health. Anaesthesia, 76, 24-31.
  • Racine E., & Barned, C. (2019) Addiction and voluntariness: Five challenges to address in moving the discussion forward. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 28(4), 677-694.
  • Barned, C., Lajoie, C., & Racine, E. (2019) Addressing the practical implications of intersectionality in clinical medicine: Ethical, embodied and institutional dimensions. American Journal of Bioethics, 19 (2), 27-29.
  • Barned, C., & O’Doherty, K. (2018) Understanding Fatness: Jamaican women’s construction of health. Fat Studies 1-19.
  • Barned, C., Dobson, J., Stintzi, A., Mack, D., & O’Doherty, K. (2018) Children’s perspectives on the benefits and burdens of research participation. American Journal of Bioethics, 9 (1), 19-28.
  • Barned, C., Stintzi, A., & Mack, D., & O’Doherty, K. (2016) To tell or not tell: A qualitative interview study on disclosure decisions among children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Social Science and Medicine, 162, 115-123.
  • Barned, C., & Lipps, G. (2014) Scale development and validation of the attitudes towards fluffy women measure. West Indian Medical Journal, 6, (63).


Other Affiliations

Associate Research Member, Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal.