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Faculty Member

Melanie Barwick PhD (McGill), MA (OISE U Toronto) BA (McGill)

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The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning 686 Bay Street Suite 11.9727 Toronto, Ontario
Melanie Barwick Consulting
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation
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Research Interests

  • Implementation science
  • Knowledge Translation
  • Children’s mental health systems
  • Outcome measurement

Education & Training History

Post-Doc, 1996, C.M.Hincks Institute, Infant Mental Health

Post-Doc, 1994, Psychiatry University of Toronto / C. M. Hincks Institute, Developmental Psychopathology

Ph.D., 1993, McGill University, Educational Psychology

M.A., 1989, OISE / University of Toronto, Special Education

B.A., 1986, McGill University, Psychology

Other Affiliations

Professor, Psychiatry – Division of Child and Youth Mental Health (PRIMARY)

Full Professor, (Status Only) Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Full Professor, (Status Only) Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Course (Learning Institute, SickKids)

  • Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate (Learning Institute, SickKids)

Professional Summary & Appointments

Melanie Barwick, Ph.D., C.Psych, is a Senior Scientist in the Child Health Evaluative Sciences Program of the SickKids’ Research Institute and the SickKids Centre for Global Child Health. She also leads professional and resource development in Dissemination and Implementation Research and Practice within the Knowledge Translation Program of the SickKids’ Learning Institute.

At the University of Toronto, she is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, and the Institute for Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation).

Her community work includes Chairing the Governing Board for Children’s Mental Health Ontario, membership on the Editorial Board for the SIRC journal Implementation Research and Practice, and as an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Health Services – Implementation Science.

An internationally recognized expert in dissemination and implementation research and practice, her health services research program spans many areas of health to improve the implementation of evidence into practice and broaden the reach of evidence to support decision-making, policy, knowledge, awareness, health, and well-being. She has considerable practical experience in implementation. Her current research, funded by CIHR, is developing a digital tool, The Implementation Playbook©, to facilitate the implementation of innovations in service settings. The paper prototype, The Implementation Roadmap©, is also available to support implementation planning.

She provides professional development in dissemination and implementation practice internationally through the Specialist Knowledge Translation Training™ (for researchers and KT practitioners), the Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (for KT practitioners), and Planning for Implementation Practice™(PIP). The KTPC is recognized as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada and has over 500 graduates worldwide. Since 2004, SickKids has licensed SKTT training to the Research Impact Academy (AUS) and has over 3,500 learners internationally. In addition, she is the developer of tools to support dissemination and implementation. Consulting in dissemination and implementation is provided upon request.





Distinctions & Awards (since 2018)


2022 Aug 31. Awarded, The John Westbrook Award for Knowledge Translation, The Campbell Collaboration

2021 Aug 31. Nominated, John Westbrook Award, Campbell Collaboration

2021 July 31. Nominated, Child Healthcare Canada, Individual Leadership Award

2020 Feb 10-13. Visiting Scholar, Black Dog Institute, Sydney, Australia. The Black Dog Institute is affiliated with the University of New South Wales.

2020 Feb 3-7. Visiting Scholar – Trevor Waring Memorial Lecture, Everymind, Newcastle, Australia. Everymind is affiliated with the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle

2019 Nov 21. Winner, Emerald Publisher Impact Award – Driving the Impact Agenda Category. Knowledge Translation Team at Melbourne Children’s Centre for Community Child Health, based within the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

2019 Nov 8. Shortlisted, Emerald Publisher Impact Award – Driving the Impact Agenda Category. SickKids Knowledge Translation Program.

2018 May 7-13. Visiting Scholar, University of Western Australia – Western Australia Health Translation Network.

2018 May 14-17. Visiting Scholar, Murdoch Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

2018 – present. Visiting Professor, School of Human and Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom.


2023  Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) Talks Video, First Place Winner ($3,000). Canadian Institutes of Health Research. NPA: Anthony SJ. Collaborators: Barwick M, Bell K, Brudno M, Manase D, Parekh R, Pol S, Silva A, Stinson J, SickKids Creative Services.   Video Production: Storyboard Communications

Areas of research

implementation science (in health, mental health, global health, education), knowledge translation, professional development, mental health systems, organizational change, outcome measurement, practice change, child psychopathology, child and youth mental health, qualitative methods, mixed methods, e-health tools and resources for implementation and knowledge translation

Current Research Projects


2023 Aug     Co-Applicant. CHILD-BRIGHT VR-EF: A hybrid type 2 implementation validation trial of a virtual reality executive function intervention. NPA: Crosbie J. Co-Applicants: Bedard AC, Beaucamp, M, Salles, J, Barwick, M, Proulx, C, Gagnon Shaigetz, V, Ungar, W.  . CHILD BRIGHT, Phase 2, CIHR SPOR. 2 years. Amount: $240,00 CDN.

2023/25      Co-Applicant. Addressing the mental health needs of parents of pediatric kidney transplant recipients with the iParent2Parent peer support program. Anthony SJ (NPI), Kohut SA (PA). Co-Applicants: Audrain A, Dunn C, Wei Teoh C, Pullenayegum E, Stinson J, Cost K, Barwick M.. Kidney Health Research Grant, Kidney Foundation. Two years, $120,000.

2023/26      Co-Applicant. Optimizing mental health outcomes for SickKids children and their families: Building a clinical pathway for I-InTERACT-North (IN). Tricia Williams (NPA). Co-investigators: Barwick M, Danguecan A, Dentakos S, Deotto A, Garnett T, Green R, Kazazian V, Ly L, Monga S, Vortsman J, Seed M. Collaborator: Smith Gallant B. SickKids GH-CBMH Program Development Grant. $450,000

2023/25      Co-Applican. iParent2Parent Peer Support Program in Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation: A Feasibility Study. Anthony SJ (NPI).Ahola KS (C-PI). CIs: Barwick M, Cost K, Solomon M, Stinson JN, Teoh CW. Collaborators: De Angelis M, Ghent E, Gold A, Gold J, Hildenbrand B, Mitchell J, Pullenayegum E. Mendez National Institute of Transplantation Foundation – Research Grant. 2 years. $50,000.

2023/24      Co-Applicant. Fidelity and skill use in cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescents with depression. Courtney D(NPA). CIs: Ameis S, Barwick M, Greenblatt A, Szatmari P, Uliazek A, Wang W, Henderson J, Relehan J, Aitken M. CIHR Catalyst Grant: Towards Pan-Canadian Standards for Children and Youth Mental Health Services. $177,092. One year.

2023/24      Co-Applicant. Do mental health organizations in Alberta and British Columbia have the need, fit and capacity to deliver an Integrate Care Pathway for the treatment of depression in adolescents? Courtney D (NPA). CIs: Barwick M, Dimitropoulos G, Greenblatt A, Ameis S, Arnold P, Barbic S, Henderson J, Relehan J, Aitken M, Iyer S, Mathias S, Szatmari P. CIHR Catalyst Grant: Towards Pan-Canadian Standards for Children and Youth Mental Health Services. $191,380 One year.

2023/27      Co-Applicant. “The isolation I feel is profound”: The iParent2Parent Online Peer Support Program for parents of pediatric solid organ transplantation recipients. Anthony S (NPA). Kohut S (PI). Co-Investigators: Barwick M, Cost K, Pullenayegum E, Solomon M, Stinson J, Teoh CW. Collaborators: DeAngelis M, Ghent E, Gold A, Gold J, Hildenbrand B, Mitchell J. CIHR Project Grant, Fall 2022, CAD 180,000. Three years.

2023/25      Co-Applicant. Neonate PK-Model Informed Precision Dosing: Feasibility Trial. Lewis T (NPA), Barwick M (CI), Brandão LR, Ivaturi V, Tam, EW. NIH Maternal and Pediatric Precision in Therapeutics (MPRNT) Knowledge & Research Coordination (KRCC) P30 Pilot & Feasibility Application. USD 149,227. Two years. Oct 1, 2022, to Sept 30, 2024 – with a one-year extension (Sept 30, 2025).

2022/27      Principal Applicant. An adapted early warning signs and symptoms (EWSS) intervention to improve early recognition and referral of childhood cancers in Kenya and Cameroon: An Effectiveness Implementation Study. Denburg A (NPI), Gupta S (PI), Barwick M (PI). Co-Investigators: Fowokan A, Githanga J, Macharia W, Martiniuk A. Collaborators: Afungchwi G, Bhutta Z, Freccero P, Hoffman R, Horton S, Karagu A, Mashauri F, Nyangasi M, Orem J, Petricca K, Pondy A, Rogo K, Sonoiya, S. 5 years, $1,635,000.. 5 years. CIHR Project Grant, Spring 2022. $1,250,776.

2022/25      Principal Applicant. . ImplemeNting a Sudden cardiac dEath Risk assessment Tool in childhood hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (INSERT-HCM). Mital S (NPA), Barwick M(PA). Co-investigators: Anthony S, Armstrong K, Conway J, Gardin L, Jeewa A, Seto E. Three years. CIHR Project Grant, Spring 2022. CAD 631,126.

2022 /26     Co-Applicant. Evaluating a virtual stepped care portal in youth awaiting tertiary chronic pain care: An Implementation-Effectiveness Hybrid Type III study. Stinson J (NPA), Campbell F, Carreiro E, Cornish P, Dick BD, Doré-Bergeron M, Findlay SM, Finley GA, Gill JS, Hudspeth M, Ingelmo PM, Killackey T, Lalloo C, Lamontagne C, Mohabir V, Nishat F, Oberlander TF, Palermo TM, Pham Q, Poolacherla YR, Poulin PA, Rash JA, Rasic NF, Soltani S, Beaudry H. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Project Grant. CAD 546,209.

2022/23      Co-Applicant. Création, développement et dissémination de modules de formation sur la littéracie et le langage clair pour toutes les parties prenantes des systèmes de santé apprenant. NPA Pluyé P., Barwick M, El Sherif R, Frati F, Grad R, Granikov V, Leblanc A, Loignon C, & Thériaul. Collaboration: Doray (Naitre et grandir), Filion (Communic’Action), Gaudreau (patient partenaire), Paquet, & Ponsin. CIHR Meeting, Planning, and Dissemination Grant, January 2022. One year, CAD 20,000.

2022/27      Co-Applicant. CIHR Team Grant: Sleep Research Consortium. Better Nights and Better Days for Canadians: An Innovative National Strategy to Prevent and Improve Insomnia Across the Lifespan Using Digital Approaches for Sleep Promotion, Intervention, and Provider Training. Principal Applicants: Corkum, P. (NPA), Earle, C., Keys, E., & Simonelli, G. Co-Applicants: Amoyaw, J., Andreou, P., Barwick, M., Bastien, C., Blunden, S., Bonnell, T., Brown, C., Carrier, J., Cassidy, C., Davidson, J., Garland, S., Georgiades, S., Ghanouni, P., Guiliani, F., Hadjistavropoulos, H., Ilie, A., Lynds, T., Martin, D., Mathieson, M., McGrath, P., McPhee, P., Meier, S., Neville, H., Orr, M., Ou, C., Paul, J., Pennestri, M., Raja, M., Rigney, G., Rogers, M., Scharf, D., Singh, M., Stinson, J., Thomas, M., Tomfohr-Madsen, L., Weiss, S., & Witmans, M. Collaborators (Research): Paul, R., Schott, H., Taylor, B., Venkat, R., & Woolf, V. Collaborators (International): Downs, J., Gelkop, N., Hulst, R., Thomas, J., & Verschuren, O. Knowledge Users: Borst, J., Boulos, M., Chorney, J., Dupuis, J., Gallant, Sarah., Lach, L., Rajda, M., Roduta Roberts, M., Roberts, K., & Samuels, C. Collaborators (Lived Experience): Chubra, N., Cooper, L., Crowe, K., Fitt, A., Flam, S., Nunes, D., Paidra, E., Putterman, C., Rivard, A., Seligman, B., & Tyler, J. Organizations/Collaborators: Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association., Canadian Injured Workers Alliance., Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists., Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Association of Social Workers., Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education., Community Links Association., The College of Family Physicians of Canada., Dalhousie University Counselling and Psychological Services., MedSleep., Public Health Agency of Canada., & Ontario Brain Institute. Partners: Canadian Sleep Society/Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network., Dalhousie University Office of Commercialization and Industry Engagement., Health Canada., & Velsoft Inc.$1,375,000 over five years; submitted January 27, 2022.

2022/25      Co-Applicant. A randomized sham-controlled trial of accelerated intermittent theta burst stimulation in depression. Principal Applicant: Blumberger DM (PI) Vila Rodriguez F (co-PI). Co-Applicants: Barwick M, Downar J, Kaster T, Knyahnytska Y, Kurdyak P, Thorpe KE, Trevizol AP, Voineskos D, Zhang W. Brain Canada, Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health. $949,852.51

2021/22      Co-Applicant. NPI: Stinson J, Noel M (Co-PI), Birnie K (Co-PI), Lalloo C, Ali S, Baerg K, Barwick M, Battaglia M, Campbell F, Cornish P, Killackey T, Oberlander T, Poulin P, Rash J, Soltani S, Webster F, Gill J, Nakiganga S, Backlin G, Kan W, Taylor A. Power over Pain Portal: A stepped-care virtual solution to deliver early intervention to Canadian youth with chronic pain. CIHR Operating Grant: Understanding and mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, youth and families in Canada. 2021 – 2022. $149,999, July 27, 2021.

2021/25      Nominated Principal Applicant. The Implementation Playbook: e-health technology for effective implementation of evidence-based interventions. NPA: Barwick M. Co-PA: Emily Seto Co-PA/KU Shakespeare J (CAMH). CAs: Brown J, Jaouich A, Powell B, Stevens B. Collaborators: Ashbourne G, Augimeri L, Ball L, Chalmers I, Saundar P, Sparling M, Stinson J. CIHR Program Grant Spring 2021. CAD 673,200, 4 years.

2021/24      Principal Applicant. Implementing a standardized intervention to improve the transition of patients with Crohn’s disease from pediatric to adult care. NPI: E Benchimol. PIs: M Barwick, N Bollegalla, N Fu. Co-Applicants: T Walters, D Mack, S Lawrence, K Kroeker, L Keefer, A Griffiths. Helmsley Charitable Trust – Crohn’s Disease Program. March 2021. Three years. July 1 2021-June 30 2024. $1,667,601.

2021/24      Co-Applicant. Use of an automated prospective clinical surveillance tool to drive screening for unmet palliative needs among patients in the final year of life. NPI: J Downar. Principal Investigators: Graves E, Kutty S, Wegier, P. Co-Investigators: Ailon J, Barwick M, Bhimji K, Buchman S, Caraiscos V, Cargill D, Chasen M, Gratton V, Gupta M, Halligan R, Herx L, Isenberg SR, Jamieson T, Kennette W, Kobewka DM, Lapenskie J, Lawlor P, Mersmann S, Munene P, Murphy R, Rowan D, Tanuseputro P, Webber C. Collaborators: Blocki B, Hett S, Iyengar A, Schrierer G, Van Manen L, Varga P. CAD 719,101. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Project Grant Fall 2020. Three years, six months.

2020/24      Co-Applicant. NPA: Stinson J, Co-PA Noel M, Co-PA Birnie K, Lalloo C, Nishat F, Ahola Kohut S, Baerg K, Barwick M, Battaglia M, Campbell F, Cornish P, Dick B, Dore-Bergeron M, Findlay S, Finley A, Gill J, Ingelmo P, Killackey T, Lamontagne C, Oberlander T, Palermo P, Poolacherla R, Poulin P, Rash J, Rasic N, Soltani S, Chupick-Hall K, Harbour K, Kemp H, Oprea A, Rehmanji Y, Surrey L. Evaluating a virtual stepped care portal in youth awaiting tertiary chronic pain care: An Implementation-Effectiveness Hybrid Type III study. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant: Fall 2021 – Bridge Funding. CAD 411,188. 2022 – 2024.

2020/23      Co-Applicant. Implementation of a youth suicide prevention intervention: Learning how to export nationally. Korczak D (PI), Finkelstein Y (Co-PI), Arnold P, Dimitropoulos D, Freedman S (co-site leads), Boylan K, Eltorki M, Lipman E (co-site leads), Barwick M, Cleverley K, Henderson J, Monga S, Moretti, M, Szatmari P, Willan A. Canadian Children’s Hospital Foundation, Sobey’s Inc. and Sobey’s Foundation. CAD 1,173,875. 04/01/2020-03/31/2023.

2020/25      Co-Applicant. Intervening in the Acute Management for Suicidal Adolescents and Families in the Emergency Department (I AM SAFE): A Multi-Centre Randomized Controlled Trial. NPI: Korczak DJ. Co-Principal Investigator: Finkelstein, Y. Co-Investigators: Barwick, M; Cleverley K; Henderson, J; Monga, S; Moretti, M; Peltz, L; Szatmari P; Willan, A. Collaborators: Beard J, Dawe I. CIHR Project Grant RCT Spring 2020 2021-2024. CAD 1,629,450. Period of Funding: 10/01/2020 –09/30/ 2025.

2020/24      Principal Applicant. Effectiveness of an integrated care pathway for adolescent depression: a pilot multi-site cluster randomized controlled trial. NPI: Courtney, D; PIs Barwick M; Szatmari, P; CIs: Aitken M, Andrade, B; Bennet, K; Cleverley, K; Darnay, K; De Oliveria, C; Hawke, L; Henderson, J; Wang, W; Watson, P. Collaborators: Jaouich, A; Pignatiello, A; Relihan, J. CIHR RCT Project Grant Spring 2020, 4 years 2020-2024, $745,875.

Peer-Reviewed Publications (2021-present)

  1. Lorenzini E., and Barwick M. Tradução e adaptação transcultural da ferramenta Knowledge Translation Planning Template para o contexto brasileiro / Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Knowledge Translation Planning Template tool for the Brazilian context. Submitted in Portuguese and English to the ScholarOne Journal, Texto e Contexto Enferm/ Text & Nursing Context – ScholarOne Manuscripts, Accepted Sept 1,2023.
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Online Resources

  1. Barwick M, Filipovic S, McMillen K, Metler S, Warmington K. (2017) Introduction to knowledge translation. E-learning module. Available here
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Creative Professional Activity

Innovations and Development in Teaching and Education and Creative Professional Activity

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