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Understanding the importance of relationship-building and investing in students’ lives, DLSPH Outreach and Access Program has teamed up with the Ahead of the Game (AotG) Mentorship Program. This partnership will help create the support and resources needed to successfully prepare students for a future in public health. AotG’s regular program aims to build relationships with youth to provide the support, motivation, and resources they need to succeed while increasing their self-confidence and developing leadership skills to help them take charge of their lives and become engaged, contributing leaders of their community.

Students prepare a program plan

Community partnerships like The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO) informed the program’s initial structure. This partnership has evolved, as TNO has become a community research partner supporting students in the undergraduate component of the program (Fitzgerald Junior Fellowship) to design and conduct research that can inform TNO programming youth.

We have also partnered with the Pathways to Education program in Lawrence Heights, and Scarborough Village. We work closely with these sites to deliver localized programming that better fits the needs of youth in these communities.


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