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Semester Program

The Semester Program focuses on relationship building with mentors from Ahead of the Game Mentoring who teach life and success skills through activity-based learning in weekly sessions throughout the academic calendar. Students meet and learn from experts like DLSPH faculty, visit U of T campus, attend workshops, and receive additional support. The Semester Program is the program’s foundation.

Program Details

  • The program consists of 15-25 one-hour sessions and covers public health topics such as epidemiology, health economics, bioethics etc.
  • Sessions are delivered weekly during the lunch period where we provide food to all participants
  • Mentorship and public health education are delivered to students in grades 10-12

Summer Institute

Students spend a full week immersed in activity-based, team learning of public health disciplines centered around a case study to apply their learnings. Students that have completed the Semester Program are eligible to attend the DLSPH Outreach and Access Program: Summer Institute. The Institute allows them to accelerate their learning using graduate-level scenarios and case studies.

A group of Outreach and Access Program students are working on their debate.

Program Details

  • Sessions take place at DLSPH with lectures and workshops facilitated by DLSPH faculty
  • Students spend a full week immersed in activity-based, team learning of public health disciplines centered around a case study to apply their learnings
  • Case study challenges students to integrate learnings from the Semester Program and Summer Institute and apply them to real-world scenarios
  • Throughout the week, students work in groups to develop complex strategies with competing priorities, taking into consideration the impacts on different communities in society
  • Site visits to locations relevant to the case study to introduce experiential learning and lasting impact

Fitzgerald Junior Fellowship Program

Students graduating from high school, who have attended the Semester and Summer program, and have been accepted to a University of Toronto undergraduate program continue into this phase of further development and mentorship. Students receive access to financial support, network events, 1 on 1 mentorship from faculty, work-study programs, and other DLSPH events.

Program Details

  • Students that have completed the program are eligible to receive entrance scholarship after acceptance to the University of Toronto
  • Students participate in bi-weekly one-on-ones and monthly group mentoring sessions with DLSPH faculty
  • Peer mentoring opportunity for fellowship participants to mentor high school students
  • Students attend DLSPH events, lectures, workshops
  • Work-study and research opportunities and completion of leadership project


We deliver the program at TDSB schools, but also through community organizations. Since the program’s inception, we have mentored students at Westview Centennial Secondary School, Runnymede Collegiate Institute, Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute and Harbord Collegiate Institute. Through our partnership with Pathways to Education, we also deliver the program to their Scarborough Village and Lawrence Heights locations.