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Jackie Bender PhD

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ELLICSR Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre Toronto General Hospital, 200 Elizabeth Street, Munk Building BCS021 Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C4
ELLICSR, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
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Research Interests

  • Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care
  • Digital Health (eHealth, mHealth)
  • Implementation Science
  • Virtual Communities and Social Media
  • Peer Navigation
  • Self-management
  • Virtual Care
  • Social support

Education & Training History


PhD 2011 University of Toronto, Public Health, Social and Behavioural Health Sciences

MSc 2005 University of Toronto, Public Health, Behavioural Health Sciences

BSc 2000 McGill University, Physiology (major) and Neuroscience (minor)


Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2011-2013 Patient Education & Cancer Survivorship, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

CHL5110 Theory and Practice of Program Evaluation

Current Research Projects

  • TrueNTH Peer Navigation: A Web-Based Peer Navigation Program for Men with Prostate Cancer and Their Partners/Caregivers.  JL Bender (Co-PI), A. Kazanjian (Co-PI), R Cassaban, E Huffey, W Isaac, A Matthew. Source: Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember.
  • TrueNTH Peer Navigator Training Program: A Blended Online/In-Person Competency Based Peer Navigator Training Program for Prostate Cancer. JL Bender (Co-PI), A. Kazanjian (Co-PI), R Cassaban, E Huffey, W Isaac, A Matthew. Source: Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember.
  • Improving our Capacity to Sustain New Knowledge and Tools in Cancer Care. R Urquhart (Co-PI), JL Bender (Co-PI), E Cornelissen, C Kendell, G Kissman, BJ Powell, S Richmond, C Willis. Source: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.
  • Integration of Movement Breaks into the Undergraduate Classroom: Keeping Students and Instructors Active and Engaged. AT Banerjee  (Co-PI), JL Bender (Co-PI), H Brown, B Murck, A Olive, C Sabiston. Source: University of Toronto Learning and Education Advancement Fund.
  • ConnectingMINDS: Enhancing the Quality of Life for Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Illness Through an Online Platform that Enables Community Participation and Social Inclusion. C Laanemets (Co-PI), JL Bender (Co and Supervising PI), M Dama, V Bambrah, C Meldrum, K Nicholls, B Rush. Source: University of Toronto Healthy Generation Fund.
  • Virtual Follow-Up Cancer Care. An Exploratory Study of Patient and Health Care Provider Needs and Expectations. JL Bender, J Croke. Source: Internal.
  • Ethics and Privacy Implications of Online Research Recruitment: Development of a Privacy-by-Design Framework for Online Research Recruitment. JL Bender (PI), A Cyr, L Arbuckle, LE Ferris,  Source: Internal.
  • Virtual Communities in Cancer Care: Scope, Use and Impact. JL Bender. Source: Internal.

Representative Publications

  1. Voruganti T, Grunfeld E, Mukawza T, Bender JL. A Scoping Review of Web-Based Tools for Text-based Patient-Provider Communication in Chronic Conditions. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2017; In press.
  2. Bender JL. What is the role of Virtual Communities in Cancer Care? Scope, Use, and Impact in the era of Personalized Medicine. In C. El Morr editor, Novel Applications of Virtual Communities in Healthcare Settings. IGI Global: 2017; In press.
  3. Bender JL, Cyr A, Arbuckle L, Ferris LE. Ethics and Privacy Implications of Internet and Social Media Recruitment for Health Research: A Privacy-by-Design Framework for Research Recruitment Online. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2017; 19(4): e104.
  4. Bender JL, Wiljer D, Sawka A, Tsang R, Alkazaz N, Brierley J. Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Perceptions of Survivorship Care Follow-up Options: A Cross-Sectional, Mixed-Method Survey. Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer. 2016; 24(5):2007-15.
  5. Massimi M, Bender JL, Witteman HO, Hassan Ahmed O. Life Transitions and Online Health Communities: Reflecting on Adoption, Use, and Disengagement. Full Paper in Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), February 15-19, 2014. Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  6. Bender JL, Yue R, To MJ, Deacken L, Jadad AR. A lot of action; not in the right direction: A review and content analysis of cancer-focused smartphone applications. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2013;15(12):e287.
  7. Bender JL, Katz J, Ferris LE, Jadad AR. What is the role of online support from the perspective of facilitators of face-to-face support groups? A multi-method study of the use of breast cancer online communities. Patient Education & Counseling. 2013;93(3): 472-479.
  8. Bender JL, Jimenez-Marroquin MC, Ferris LE, Katz J, Jadad AR. Online communities for breast cancer survivors: A review and analysis of their characteristics and levels of use. Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer. 2013; 21(5): 1253-63.
  9. Bender JL, Wiljer D, Matthew A, Canil MC, Legere L, Loblaw A, Jewett MAS. Fostering partnerships in survivorship care: Report of the 2011 Canadian genitourinary cancers survivorship conference. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2012; 6(3):296-304.
  10. Bender JL, Wiljer D, To, M, Bedard P, Chung P, Jewett M, Matthew A, Moore M, Warde P, Gospodarowicz M. Testicular cancer survivors’ supportive care needs and use of online support: A cross-sectional survey. Journal of Supportive Care in Cancer. 2012; 20(11):2737-46.
  11. Bender JL, O’Grady LA, Desphande A, Cortinois AA, Saffie L, Husereau D, Jadad AR. Collaborative authoring: A case study of a public wiki as a resource to keep systematic reviews up to date. Open Medicine. 2011;5(4):201-208.
  12. Bender JL, Radhakrishnan A, Diorio C, Englesakis M, Jadad AR. Can pain be managed through the Internet? A systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Pain. 2011;152(8):1740-50.
  13. O’Grady L. Bender JL, Urowitz S, Wiljer D, Jadad AR. Promoting and participating in online health forums: A guide to facilitation and evaluation for health professionals. Journal of Communication in Healthcare. 2011;3(3-4):246-257.
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  16. Bender JL, O’Grady LA, Jadad, AR. Supporting cancer patients through the continuum of care: a view from the age of social networks and computer-mediated communication. Current Oncology. 2008;15:S42-47.