Director, and Sun Life Financial Chair in Bioethics: Jennifer L. Gibson
Bioethics Support: Terry Yuen


Division Head: Wendy Lou
MSc Degree Program: Tony Panzarella
PhD Degree Program: Wendy Lou
Biostatistics Support: Ryan Rosner


Division Head: David Fisman
MPH Degree Program: Susan Bondy
PhD Degree Program: Laura Rosella
Epidemiology Support: Matilda Kong

Clinical Public Health

Division Head: Ross E. G. Upshur
Clinical Public Health Support: Linda D’Souza
Nutrition and Dietetics: MPH Degree Program: Pierrette Buklis 
Addictions and Mental Health: MScCH Degree Program: Christine Wickens and Branka Agic
Family and Community Medicine: MPH Degree Program: Julia Alleyne
Family and Community Medicine: MScCH Degree Program: Julia Alleyne
Health Practitioner Teacher Education: MScCH Degree Program: Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul
Wound Prevention and Care: MScCH Degree Program: Gary Sibbald and Morty Eisenberg
Residency Program in Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Barry Pakes and Onyeyechukwu Nnorom

Occupational and Environmental Health

Division Head: James Scott
MPH Degree Program: Paul Bozek
PhD Degree Program: Jeremy Scott
MScCH Degree Program: Occupational Health Care: Linn Holness
Residency Program in Occupational Medicine: Aaron Thompson
Diploma in Industrial Health (DIH): Agatha Blancas
Occupational and Environmental Health Support: Agatha Blancas 

Social & Behavioural Health Science

Division Head: Carol Strike
MPH Degree Program: Charlotte Lombardo and Ananya Banerjee
PhD Degree Program: Lori Ross
Social and Behavioural Health Sciences Support: Marija Vasilevska