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Tuition fees are based on a student’s degree program and attendance status and are assessed as an annual flat rate.  Attendance status affects program time limits, eligibility for funding and awards, as well as maximum course loads/per session.

Full-time, Part-time and Flexible-time studies are defined in the SGS Calendar, General Regulations, Section 6: Registration and Enrolment.

Master’s Students

Full-time Master’s students are expected to maintain continuous registration, paying fees and enrolling in activities, for the duration of their program. Part-time Master’s students register in the initial session in which they are admitted, and then only in those sessions in which they are completing course requirements for the degree.

Full-time Master’s students may complete up to 6.0 FCE, during the Fall/Winter sessions and up to 3.5 FCE can be completed during the Summer session. Part-time Master’s students may enrol normally in a maximum of one-third of the annual program requirements.  All students must be enrolled in at least one academic activity in every session (term) to maintain registration.

Doctoral Students

All Doctoral students are required to be continuously registered in every session, including summers.

Full-timeDoctoral students pay FT fees for the duration of their program (during the normal time limit for degree completion).  Fees for FT Doctoral students in their final year of studies are pro-rated based on the twelve-month academic year (September – August).

The PhD program does not have a Part-time option.  Instead, students are admitted to Flexible-time studies.  The Flexible-time program is designed for PhD students who are “practicing professionals” actively engaged in work activities. These students are registered as full-time, and pay full-time fees, for four years after which they may transfer to part-time attendance status. It is highly recommended that PhD Flexible-time students speak with their Program Director and thesis supervisor to map out their program in order to achieve milestones in a timely manner.

The DrPH program does not have a Part-time option.

Request to Change Attendance Status

Occasionally, a student’s situation changes, and a request is made to switch attendance status from FT to PT or vice versa.  These changes may be approved, according to the requirements outlined below.

– Master’s Students

Master’s students may switch from Part-time to Full-time studies at any point in their program; however, changing status from Full-time to Part-time studies will only be permitted before completion of the Program Length. Program Length refers to the period of time (in sessions or academic years) for an academically well-prepared student to complete all program requirements while registered full-time.

DegreeProgram LengthLast date to submit transfer request
MPH4 sessionsAugust 1 (prior to the beginning of year 2)
MPH Advanced Standing (N &D, FCM)
2 sessionsDecember 1 (in the 1st year of study)

Students who wish to change their status should first discuss this with their Program Director.  Once the Program Director has consented, the student must complete a ‘Program Transfer’ form, which can be found at the SGS Student Forms & Letters page. Please submit this form to the Graduate Office. Once approved at the departmental level, it is sent to the School of Graduate Studies for approval.

Part-time status is not permitted for students in the MHSc program in Bioethics.

– Doctoral Students

Flex-time PhD students nearing the end of 4th year who wish to change their attendance status to Part-time must also complete the ‘Program Transfer’ form.  Transfers between the full-time doctoral program and the flexible-time doctoral program are not permitted. Part-time status is not permitted for students in the DrPH program.