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Centre for International Experience

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) aims to serve international students who are making their home at the University of Toronto, as well as domestic students looking to internationalize their educational experience.  The CIE offers a range of programs and services to support international students, as well as global learning opportunities for all students. Immigration information is available regarding entering and working in Canada and International Student Immigration Advisors (ISIA) are available to assist you with the processes.

Working in Canada

International full-time students may be eligible to work on-campus. Information is also available for international students who wish to work off-campus. You must first obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and if you are registered in a program where work experience is a required component, you may need a Co-Op Work Permit.  After graduation, students may be able to obtain a Post-graduation Work Permit that will allow them to work in Canada after their study permit expires.