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PhD Funding Policy

DLSPH aims to ensure excellent doctoral students can pursue higher education in public health. For this purpose, PHS has identified a minimum funding threshold to support the studies of PhD students in the funded cohort. For complete details of the PhD funding policy, visit Doctoral Student Policies.

GDPHS Statement on Good Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress

Students admitted into a degree program in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences (GDPHS) in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) are expected to maintain Good Academic Standing in their graduate program, which includes making Satisfactory Progress toward the completion of their degree requirements. Consistent with the policies outlined by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), failure to maintain good academic standing may result in the consideration of various sanctions which include, but are not limited to, restricting enrolment in courses, ineligibility for financial assistance/awards, lowest priority for bursaries and assistantships, and recommendation for termination from the program.

The GDPHS Statement on Good Academic Standing and Satisfactory Progress can be found here. Any student in who is not in Good Academic Standing will be required to meet with the Graduate Coordinator and the Program Director to discuss his/her performance and to determine actions.