The Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (CSGH), University of Toronto Global Scholar – is designed to deepen the knowledge base of doctoral and masters students about multidisciplinary approaches to global health issues and challenges; to provide career training related to global health research and practice; and to help students develop research and practical skills. The CSGH views ‘global health’ in an integrative manner, focusing on the relationship among local, regional, national, and international forces that influence health and equity, as well as on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions and policies.

The CSGH integrates methods and insights from Departments and Faculties across U of T. Students are encouraged to think critically about global health paradigms and to integrate academic research skills in an applied setting. Graduates of the program will be exposed to global health approaches from a variety of disciplines including public health, engineering, anthropology, rehabilitation sciences, business, nursing, and law.

Collaborative Specialization in Global Health Objectives

  • To enable students to develop an understanding of global health as it relates to the interaction of global, national, regional, and local forces, processes, and conditions;
  • To ground training in disciplinary perspectives and engage in multidisciplinary research enterprises;
  • To approach global health research, policy, and practice with a focus on achieving equity in health for all people;
  • To offer mentorship opportunities by committed and experienced faculty with a diversity of theoretical, operational and methodological perspectives on global health; and,
  • To grapple with complex health-related policy making by the range of international, national, and local actors in a wide range of sectors that shape policies and carry out activities that affect health.Learn more about our Recent Graduates

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CSGH Doctoral Students     CSGH Masters Students

The CSGH program is comprised of faculty program representatives from collaborating units as well as current CSGH student representatives who contribute to the overall student experience by advising, supporting recruitment and outreach, planning professional development and community building activities.

CSGH Program Representatives

CSGH Student Representatives

Student representatives are critical to ensuring that the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (CSGH) brings student perspectives and voice to bear on program oversight, communication, curriculum and other activities. The CSGH has student representatives at both the PhD and Masters levels. Only students enrolled in the CSGH are eligible.

Responsibilities include:

● Creating processes for capturing feedback from CSGH Masters students about their ideas, suggestions and areas for improvement for the specialization

● Liaising with the CSGH Director and CSGH Masters’ Lead as well as other members of the Office of Global Public Health Education & Training

● Attending up to two CSGH program committee meetings per year (once each semester)

● Coordinating student involvement in the planning of relevant global health events

Current CSGH Reps:

Picture of Gul Saeed

Gul Saeed

MPH in Public Health: Social and Behavioural Health Sciences

CSGH Masters Program Rep


Isha Berry

PhD Epidemiology

CSGH PhD Program Rep


Sujata Mishra

PhD in Health Economics: IHPME

CSGH PhD Program Rep

Hannah Chan

MPH Nutrition and Dietetics Stream

CSGH Masters Program Rep

Emin Nawaz

MPH Health Promotion Student

CSGH Masters Program Rep

Loreto Fernandez

PhD in Public Health: Social and Behavioral Health Sciences

CSGH PhD Program Rep​