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Students in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (U of T Global Scholar) program look at global health from a multidisciplinary approach. Through seminars, practicums, co-curricular events, as well as engagement with peers and faculty, students continue to develop their understanding of global health. They also contribute and grow the global health community through their own research and work, some of which can be found below.


Click below to learn more about current and alumni students and their experience in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health program.

Gul Saeed   Emin Nawaz  Isha Berry  Loreto Fernandez Gonzalez  Sujata Mishra  Virginia Gunn  Samantha LeValley  Rozina Somani

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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

2023 – Damilola Iduye

2023 – Kayla Benjamin

2020 – Juyeon Lee

2019 – Isha Berry

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Research Awards

2023 – Snigdha Velugu

2021 – Bianca Carducci

2019 – Bernice Yanful

 U of T Student Engagement Award


Stephen Adombire

Michelle Amri

Bianca Carducci

 Health Promotion Canada Rising Star Award 


2020 – Michelle Amri


DLSPH U of T’s COVID-19 Student Engagement Awards


Isha Berry(Doctoral)

Vinyas Harish (Doctoral)

Miranda Loutet (Doctoral)

Shamim Ahmed (Doctoral)

Victoria Haldane (Doctoral)

Dignitas International Global Health Policy and Research Award for Student Excellence and Impact 

2021 – Michelle Amri

Ontario Graduate Scholarships


2020 – Bianca Carducci

Additional Awards

International Service Award (AOTA) 2022 -V. Armineh Babikian

Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Award 2022 – Isabel Potani

Urban Leadership Graduate Fellowship 2021 – Michelle Amri



On disrupting colonial assumptions in health promotion [Global Health Promotion] – Carlos E. Snachez-Pimineta

COVID-19 vaccine equity and the right ot health for displaced Venzuelans in Latin america [PLOS Global Public Health] – David Hill

Quality of care in the context of universal health coverage: scoping review [BioMed Central] – Bernice Yanful & Sujata Mishra

Young mothers deserve better: Strategies targeting their education empowerement in Sub-Saharan African Countries [PLOS Blogs]- Prossy Namyalo

Spotlight on Universal Health Coverage: Putting the U in UHC [The Lancet Voice Podcast] – Rushay Naik


Blake-​Hepburn: Let us Celebrate Black Resilience [an interview with alumni Denessia Blake-Hepburn]

Codevelopment of COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines in lower-middle-income countries: the ‘SPRINT’ principles [BMJ Global Health Journal] by Victoria Haldane, Lincoln Lau

​​​​Kangaroo Mother Care: A Cost-effective Intervention for Preterm Infants in Low-and Middle-Income Countries [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] – by Kokui Dziedzom Klutse, CSGH student

Intersectoral and multisectoral approaches to health policy: an umbrella review protocol. [Health Research Policy and Systems] – by Michelle Amri, Ali Chatur & Patricia O’Campo

Improving Health Equity by Screening for Poverty: A Survey of Family Physician Screening Behaviors and Perceptions in Toronto, Canada [Journal of Urban Health] – by Michelle Amri, Curtis Chin, Michelle Greiver, and Kimberly Wintemute


The Year of the Nurse and Midwife in a COVID-19 Pandemic: Reflections of a Nurse [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] – by Stephen Adombire, CGSH student

Frequency and patterns of exposure to live poultry and the potential risk of avian influenza transmission to humans in urban Bangladesh [Scientific Reports] – by Isha Berry (CSGH PhD Student), Mahbubur Rahman, Meerjady Sabrina Flora, Amy L. Greer, Shaun K. Morris, Iqbal Ansary Khan, Sudipta Sarkar, Tanzila Naureen, David N. Fisman & Punam Mangtan

Population Health Surveillance Using Mobile Phone Surveys in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Methodology and Sample Representativeness of a Cross-sectional Survey of Live Poultry Exposure in Bangladesh [JMIR Publications] – by Isha Berry (CSGH PhD Student), Punam Mangtani, Mahbubur Rahman, Iqbal Ansary Khan, Sudipta Sarkar,  Tanzila Naureen,  Amy L Greer, Shaun K Morris, David N Fisman, Meerjady Sabrina Flora

Recommendations for improving access to healthcare for street-connected children and youth in Kenya: A qualitative study. [ScienceDirect] – by L. Embleton (Post-doc, Centre for Global Health), P. Shah, A.Gayapersada, R.Kiptuid, D.Ayuku, J. Wachira, E. Apondi, P. Braitstein (Global Health Faculty affiliate)

Strengthening the basics: public health responses to prevent the next pandemic. [The BMJ] – by Victoria Haldane (CSGH PhD Student), Anne-Sophie Jung, Chuan De Foo,  Mathias Bonk,  Margaret Jamieson,  Shishi Wu,  Monica Verma, Salma M Abdalla,  Sudhvir Singh, Anders Nordström, Helena Legido-Quigley

Canadian Women in Global Health List [including CSGH students and alumni – Michelle Amri, Isha Berry, Bernice Yanful]

Equipping global health trainees for the climate crisis – by Victoria Haldane and Isha Berry

From resilient to transilient health systems: the deep transformation of health systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – by Victoria Haldane and Garrett T Morgan

Nutrition researchers saw malnourished children at Indian Residential School as perfect test subjects [The Conversation] – by Allison Daniel, CSGH alumni

PhD student recognized with Award of Excellence for advocacy on sustainability in health care [IHPME News] – Victoria Haldane, PhD candidate in IHPME Health Services Research program and student in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health program

Lack of Awareness of Cancer and the Efficacy of Therapy Undermines Africa’s Cancel Control Efforts [Think Global Health] – by Tolu Ojo, PhD candidate in IHPME Health Services Research and student in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health program

Artificial intelligence for good health: a scoping review of the ethics literature [BMC Medical Ethics] – by Kathleen Murphy [alumni], Erica Di Ruggiero, Ross Upshur, Donald J. Willison, Neha Malhotra, Jia Ce Cai, Nakul Malhotra, Vince Lui & Jennifer Gibson

Gaps and priorities in assessment of food environments for children and adolescents in low- and middle-income countries [Nature Food] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student], Christina Oh, Daniel E. Roth, Lynnette M. Neufeld, Edward A. Frongillo, Mary R. L’Abbe, Jessica Fanzo, Anna Herforth, Daniel W. Sellen & Zulfiqar A. Bhutta

Zinc supplementation for improving pregnancy and infant outcome [Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student], Emily C Keats, Zulfiqar A Bhutta

Food systems, diets and nutrition in the wake of COVID-19 [Nature Food] – by B. Carducci [CSGH PhD student], E. C. Keats, M. Ruel, L. Haddad, S. J. M. Osendarp & Z. A. Bhutta

Policy responses to COVID-19 present a window of opportunity for a paradigm shift in global health policy: An application of the Multiple Streams Framework as a heuristic [Global Public Health] – by Michelle Amri, Dilani Logan.

Global health in Canada: Three emerging prospects [J Glob Health] – by Michelle Amri

Universal health coverage for the poorest billion: justice and equity considerations [The Lancet] – by Michelle Amri

Scoping review of the World Health Organization’s underlying equity discourses: apparent ambiguities, inadequacy, and contradictions [International Journal for Equity in Health] – by Michelle M. Amri, Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault, Arjumand Siddiqi, Patricia O’Campo, Theresa Enright & Erica Di Ruggiero

Utilizing asynchronous email interviews for health research: overview of benefits and drawbacks [BMC Research Notes] – by Michelle Amri, Christina Angelakis & Dilani Logan


Equipping global health trainees for the climate crisis – by Victoria Haldane and Isha Berry, CSGH PhD students, on behalf of ELESH (Emerging Leaders for Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare) 

Gunning down Health: The Deterioration of Health During Conflict [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Archchun Ariyarajah

U of T Students Create Dashboard for COVID-​19 Case Monitoring [DLSPH News] – Featuring Isha Berry and Jean-Paul Soucy 

Why are parents in Canada less likely to breastfeed than those in poorer nations? [CMAJ News] – by Allison Daniel

The Impact of War on Women and Women’s Health [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Ankur Chhabra

From resilient to transilient health systems: the deep transformation of health systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – by Victoria Haldane and Garrett T Morgan, CSGH PhD Students

Health, design and planning: will COVID-19 lead to any changes in graduate education?  by Garrett Morgan, CSGH PhD student

We Charity’s international development efforts offered quick fixes, not real impact [The Conversation] by Allison Daniel (CSGH PhD Student) and Erica Di Ruggiero (Director, CSGH)

Piloting an Evidence-Based Intervention for HIV Prevention Among Street Youth in Eldoret, Kenya [International Journal of Public Health] by L. Embleton, E. Di Ruggiero, C. H. Logie, D. Ayuku & P. Braitstein

Youth Participation in Sexual and Reproductive Health: Policy, Practice, and Progress in Malawi [International Journal of Public Health] by Jannah Wigle, Stewart Paul, Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Brenda Gladstone & Paula Braitstein

Factors Associated with Suicidal Behaviour among Young Adolescents (13-15 years old) Living in 102 Countries [BMC Public Health] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student], Nadia Akseer, Zulfiqar A Bhutta, Peter Szatmari

Effect of Food Environment Interventions on Anthropometric Outcomes in School-Aged Children and Adolescents in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis [Current Developments in Nutrition] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student], Christina Oh, Emily C Keats, Daniel E Roth, Zulfiqar A Bhutta

Addressing Hidden Hunger in School-Aged Children and Adolescents within the Context of the Food System [World Rev Nutr Diet.] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student], Christina Oh, Zulfiqar A Bhutta

The utility of a structured mentorship program for enhancing competencies in global health [Journal of Global Health] – by Michelle M Amri, Emily Kocsis, Shweta Dhawan, Dilani Logan,  Christina Angelakis, and Donald C Cole

Effective policy tools for tobacco control: Canadian public health practitioners’ perspectives [Policy Design and Practice] – by Michelle M. Amri

The PEGASUS Conferences: A unique avenue to bridge evidence and action. [Journal of Global Health] Michelle Amri, Neil Arya, Steve Ferracuti, and Michael Clarke

Underlying Equity Discourses of the World Health Organization [Social Science Protocols] – by Michelle M. Amri,
Arjumand Siddiqi, Patricia O’Campo, Theresa Enright, Erica Di Ruggiero

PAHO needs reform and awareness, not solidarity and funding [The Lancet] – by Michelle Amri

Punctuating the equilibrium: an application of policy theory to COVID-19 [Policy Design and Practice] – by Michelle Amri and Don Drummond

Building health system resilience in the context of primary health care revitalization for attainment of UHC: proceedings from the Fifth Health Sector Directors’ Policy and Planning Meeting for the WHO African Region [BMC Proceedings] – by Prosper Tumusiime, Humphrey Karamagi, Regina Titi-Ofei, Michelle Amri, Aminata Binetou Wahebine Seydi, Hillary Kipruto, Benson Droti, Sosthene Zombre, Zabulon Yoti, Felicitas Zawaira & Joseph Cabore


Femicide: A Global Social Evil [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Ankur Chhabra

The Lived Experience of Global Public Health Practice: A Phenomenological Account of Women Graduate Students [Health and Human Rights Journal] by Corey McAuliffe, Ross Upshur, Daniel W. Sellen, and Erica Di Ruggiero 

Salima Mithani: From Pakistan to U of T’s convocation [DLSPH News]

The Spillover Effect of Vaccine Hesitancy [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Archchun Ariyarajah

Local Communities – Global Impacts Improving large-scale issues through nutrition and agricultural public health programs [Sheela Basrur Centre Yea in Review] featuring Hannah Chan

Maximizing the Potential of Technology through Assistive Products: The Launch and Evolution of the WHO’s GATE Initiative [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Michelle Altin

Defining WHO’s Stance on “Health Equity”: Potential Goal of the 72nd World Health Assembly [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T] by Michelle Amri & Melkamu Dedefo

Adapting an evidence-based gender, livelihoods, and HIV prevention intervention with street-connected young people in Eldoret, Kenya –  [Global Public Health An international Journal for Research, Policy and Practice] by Lonnie Embleton, Erica Di Ruggiero, Evans Odep Okal, Adrienne K. Chan, Carmen H. Logie, David Ayuku & Paula Braitstein Loreto

Rethinking the role of global actors in empowering cities of the global south. [Cities and Health] – by Michelle Amri


When the Movie Industry and Global Health and Development Collide [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T]  by Bernice Yanful

Where does Canada stand in its obligation to make Assistive Technology accessible to all? [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T]  by Natasha Altin

Good Parenting for a Good Life: Breaking the Cycle of Street-Involvement [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T]  by Kathleen Murphy

Rising rates of diabetes among young people inspire international PhD project – Dr. Calvin Ke

DLSPH Student Blog – Reflections on the PEGASUS: PEace, Global health, and SUStainability conference – by Michelle Amri

Finding your footing: Steps to launch a career in global public health [PH Spot] – by Lonnie Embleton

Care of the growth-restricted newborn [Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol] – by Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD student] and Zulfiqar A Bhutta

The Intricate Relationship between Chronic Undernutrition, Impaired Linear Growth and Delayed Puberty [UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti, Florence] – by Susan Campisi,  Bianca Carducci [CSGH PhD Student], Olle Söder, Zulfiqar Bhutta


Canadian Conference on Global Health: A Shifting View of Global Health [Juxtaposition, Global Health Magazine U of T]  by Michelle Amri