Do you have a Health Promotion or Epidemiology practicum to offer a MPH student?

Practicum Overview

Practicum Timeline Credits and Hours Students’ academic preparations

May – August (16 weeks)

Required for all 1st year MPH Epidemiology and Health Promotion students

October to December:  Practicum opportunities collected on PHLN

Practicum opportunities are posted for students to apply

January – April:

Additional opportunities are posted on a rolling basis

2.0 FCE for a 16 week practicum

560 hours minimum, 35 hours a week

Students would have taken 2 full semesters of classes as preparation.

Click here for MPH Epidemiology course requirements.

Click here for MPH Health Promotion course requirements.

January – May (12 weeks minimum, 16 weeks preferred)

Optional for 2nd year MPH students

Practicum is student driven – they are responsible for finding their own practicum.

September to December:
If opportunities are available, they are collected and posted for students on PHLN

1.5 FCE for a 12 week practicum

420 hours minimum, 35 hours a week

Students would have taken at least 3 full semesters of classes as preparation.

About MPH Health Promotion and MPH Epidemiology programs

MPH Epidemiology    MPH Health Promotion

For more information on the practicum, please refer to the MPH Epidemiology 2017 guidelines and MPH Health Promotion 2018 guidelines respectively.

Preceptor/supervisor FAQ

Click here to submit a practicum posting on the
Public Health Learning Network

You can also contact the the Practicum Placement and Professional Development Officer or call 416-978-8844 to further discuss.

What is a practicum placement?

The required practicum occurs between May and August each year and requires a minimum of 560 hours of work onsite (average of 35 hours per week). The student and preceptor will identify learning objectives that meet the student’s learning competencies and also organizational goals. The student will work on projects in the organization, with the supervision of a preceptor who will report at 2 points on the progress against learning objectives.

What is my role as a preceptor?

Click here for Practicum Roles and Responsibilities

What forms do I need to complete with the practicum student?

  • Learning Contract – student and supervisor complete this together on PHLN
  • Supervisor Midterm evaluations – link will be sent to your inbox
  • Supervisor Final evaluations – link will be sent to your inbox

What experience do I need to have as a preceptor/supervisor?

For MPH Epidemiology practicum: The practicum supervisor should be an epidemiologist or a professional with 3+ years of analytical experience.

For MPH Health Promotion practicum: The practicum supervisor should be a health promotion professional with a MPH or equivalent and 3+ years of experience.

What are the practicum requirements for a MPH Health Promotion and MPH Epidemiology?

For MPH Epidemiology practicum: Practicum projects must include the epidemiological and statistical analysis of primary or secondary data. A significant element of interpretation of epidemiological data is required. Practicum projects could involve work on a community health status report, a specific health needs assessment, a research project, an outbreak investigation or a variety of other possibilities.

Click here for MPH Epidemiology competencies

For MPH Health Promotion practicum: The activities undertaken during the practicum will depend on the needs of the agency/organization sponsoring the practicum, and the student’s own learning objectives.  Such activities might include: contributing to or leading a project on behalf of the sponsoring agency/organization (e.g., conducting a needs assessment, evaluating a program, assisting in a research project); participating in the ongoing business of the agency/organization (e.g., attending meetings, participating in committee work, writing reports); producing a report, document or publication relevant to the work done.

Click here for MPH Health Promotion competencies

There may be more than 1 supervisor for each practicum student. Depending on the supervisor’s experience and qualifications, the Practicum Placement and Professional Development Officer may recommend that the student finds an additional faculty member as co-supervisor.

I originally did not advertise a practicum opportunity through the Practicum Office.  I was approached by a student interested in completing a practicum with me.  What do I need to know?

Thank you for your interest in supervising one of our students! All 2nd year students wishing to complete an optional practicum can find their own.   If you were approached by a student, please discuss project details with the student. The student will submit a work term record on Public Health Learning Network (PHLN) providing all of the details to the Practicum Office. The Practicum Officer will reach out if there are any questions or concerns.

Note that the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) will cover the cost of Workplace Safety Insurance and benefits provided to Student Trainees participating in unpaid practica. The MTCU Guidelines for Workplace Insurance for Postsecondary Students of Publicly Assisted Institutions on Unpaid Work Placements are posted here.

 Can I see some examples of past practicum opportunities?

Past MPH Health Promotion practicum placements:

Past MPH Epidemiology practicum placements:

What is the recommended pay for a MPH practicum student?

The recommended stipend is $20/hour or a total of $10,000 for the summer- this is a request to help students with tuition and living costs in exchange for high quality work. It is not a requirement of the practicum program. We recognize that not all agencies are able to pay students, but anything that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. In the past, some agencies were able to offer a stipend anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000.

If you would like to offer an unpaid practicum or one with a stipend, an organization-level student placement agreement should be in place before a student can begin. Contact the Practicum Office for the template agreement.

Is help available to define a practicum project for my organization?

Yes, we can work together to define a practicum placement. Please contact the Practicum Placement and Professional Development Officer.

What happens after the practicum is posted on Public Health Learning Network?

Interested students will apply through PHLN with their cover letters and resumes. Once you have interviewed and selected a student, it is recommended that you provide a letter of offer and receive written confirmation and commitment from the student as the practicum may not start right away.

Am I guaranteed a student if I submit a posting through the Public Health Learning Network?

We post all available practicum opportunities for students to apply. Because of their diverse areas of interests, we cannot guarantee that all supervisors will end up with students. The majority do but not all.

I don’t have a practicum to offer right now but would like to stay involved with the school for school wide events. What can I do?

You can send the Practicum and Professional Development Officer an email to be added to the listserv so that you receive the most up to date information on school wide events and information for the next practicum cycle.

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